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 5 Best Features of Parental Control App to Level Up Your Parenting



A recent survey shows how parenting has become harder these days. Kids seek attention, and their demands increase as they grow. In the 90s, children want toys or playing stuff. But now, kids demand personal smartphones, tablets, internet freedom, etc. Giving them internet freedom and digital devices is not a bad idea until they interact with the evil side of the internet. This is the main reason why parental control app are in great demand. Parental controls help the parents a lot as such software provide best tips to level up your parenting with multiple features to control the kid’s online behavior and help them learn cyber etiquette. But wait!

Do you know about the top 5 features of parental control app?

Well, if you don’t, then let me help you.

Continue to read this article and find out the best 5 features that every parent should use for kid’s monitoring. 

What are those 5 features?

  1. Web browser history
  2. Time limit
  3. Real-time access
  4. Location tracking
  5. Uninstalling apps and blocking inappropriate content 

Web Browser History:

Well, if you think that your teens will only watch the content that you have downloaded in their devices, then you are wrong. They have their interests, and they always explore fresh things on the internet. Many parental control apps help the parents with a web browser history monitoring feature. This feature shows the parents what their kids search for. Being a parent, you must know what your teens watch and read. No one can deny how much inappropriate content is available on the internet which can easily catch their attention. 

Teens spend 9 hours a day on online activities, and what’s the reason? Well, parents can find out by installing the parental monitoring app in the target devices. 


Only watching the teen/kid’s activities is not enough at all. You need to take action. But how?

Well, modern technology has brought the solution. 

Digital device addiction is also a dangerous habit that can ruin your kid’s behavior. If you do not want to argue with your teen’s time limits, then you can set the time limits by using parental control apps. The end-user may lock the screen at any time of the day. If you want to set fixed hours usage, then the parental control app will lock the kids phone after completing the fixed time.

Real-Time Access:

Some parental monitoring apps send the screenshots to the end-user, but you can also get a real-time access feature in many advanced apps. Yes, it lets the parents watch every running activity on the target device. If there is any chance of cyberbullying, then you can spot it at the right moment. 

Location Tracking:

In the past years, it was a tough task to trace someone’s location. But using advanced parental controls, you can track the kid’s location with only a few clicks. Teens are so irresponsible, and parents always ask where they were and whom they are spending time with. Such questions can irritate the teens and create a distance between the parents and the kids. The use of parental monitoring apps helps you to check on your kid’s location and where they spend most of the time. 

Uninstalling apps and Blocking inappropriate content: 

Have you ever checked your kid’s phone?

Well, if not, then you should check. 

But how?

Having a real-time access feature, you can easily find out about the installed apps in the target device. There are so many inappropriate apps that your kid can install on the phone. The end-user can uninstall the app and block access to inappropriate websites. 

Final Thoughts: 

Ready to get help from the parental control app?

Well, it’s a significant chance to keep the kids on the right track without making too many efforts. Before buying any parental control app, make sure it provides advanced features that can help you to monitor every single activity of the kids. 

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