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Prabalmachi Trek- A Detailed Guide






Prabalmachi located in Raigad district in Maharashtra is another beautiful trek that stands at a height of 2,300 feet in the Western ghats. The trek is filled with greenery and best to move you from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

There stands Prabalgad fort at its peak built by Bahmani Sultanate to keep eyes on Panvel and Kalyan forts situated in the North Konkan areas which is also known as Muranjan in ancient times. It was renamed by the Maratha forces under Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s rule. The fort consists of Ganesh temple and other stone ruins and right next to it is the Kalavantin fort. 

Camping over Prabalmachi is a relishing experience where one camps under these two forts standing tall and facing each other. What adds charm to the experience is the wild cool breeze and the exotic traditional food offered by the locals. And listening to their stories will make the conversations never ending and memorable one. 

It is home to an unexploited nature hosting fantastic weather, lush green hills and clean fresh air having a calm soothingness which will make one refreshed and serene. 

Geographically Prabalmachi is situated between Matheran and Panvel plateau which is clearly visible from the Mumbai- Pune Expressway. There are two rivers namely Ulhas and Gadhi rivers which run parallel to the east and west respectively to the fort. Pravalmachi trek also consists of other forts in all directions except east which includes Chanderi fort and eb fort in the west, Karnala fort in the north and Manikgad fort featuring in south.  


Major highlights of Prabalmachi trek:

  • Scenic views of the city from the top of Prabalmachi 
  • Enjoying the stunning views surrounded with mountains and city
  • Amazing hiking over woods and and forests
  • Adventure activities with lots of games
  • Wonderful trek to Prabalmachi peak 
  • Camping at the top of its peak 
  • Panoramic views of Prabalgad and Kalavantin 
  • Enjoy fireflies views during monsoon and pre-monsoon 
  • Wake up witnessing hills of Sahyadri range and endless valleys



Day 01- Start your journey from Panvel station and head towards Thakurwadi by local transport. Reach base village by the evening and begin your trek to Prabalmachi. Camping with bonfire and dance and other activities for a special and a memorable night. 

Day 02- Start descend after breakfast and reach Panvel station and then catch bus or any other transport for Mumbai. Your journey ends with beautiful Prabalmachi trek memories that will store in your heart forever. 


Important note:

It is important to wear the best quality trekking shoes and not any sports or running shoes. It will make one’s trek easier and bearable to endure tough conditions in the trek. One can carry floaters if they want and can wear only after the completion of the trek. 

Also carry your own personal medication to not face any problem during the trek. Moreover it is a fun filled trek that demands good physical fitness so make sure you are physically fit then only you can do this trek. 


How to reach:

From Mumbai it is 50 kms through Bengaluru which will take around 1hr 25 mins. Through Bengaluru one will cross Mumbai highway and goes through Pandharpur highway and through Pune highway. 

From Pune it is 120 kms through Bengaluru and then through Pune expressway through Mumbai highway which takes around 2 hrs to reach. 

Nearest railway station is Panvel which is just 2 hrs drive from the base village Thakurwadi. 


Things to carry:

Identity proof

Water – 3 Litres

Torch with spare batteries


Some ready to eat food like dates, etc.

Umbrella or raincoat

Pair of dry clothes

Personal medicines

Avoid wearing gold and other ornaments as it might have a risk to get lost. 


Prabalmachi trek is a perfect destination making a perfect weekend getaway where one passes through rocky cliffs and hill terrains making the trek thrilling as well as exciting. And at its peak you see the breathtaking views and can explore nature at its height. It is a very popular trek in Mumbai where you will not find any limitations. Rather the locals are so sweet in nature they will make you suffer and will provide you the best homestay and tent with home cooked food. So get yourself ready to explore Prabalmachi and find acquaintance with locals. 


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