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4 Safe DIY Ideas for Making Slime without Glue

Looking for home-made glue-free slime recipes? Here are 4 great DIY slime recipes without glue that are perfect for your little kids to play with.



Slime,the name itself reminds us of a gluey thing that an evil scientist creates in his laboratory. Well, that’s the imaginative part of it. In real life, however, slime is more of décor or stuff to play with for children. And it is the latter characteristic that makes people search for how to make slime with no glue. As glue comes with toxic chemicals, slime with glueis not safe for kids to play with.

Here, we shall be talking about some DIY ways of how you too can make slime that is harmless for your kids. Slime is not something that you would want to go to the store to buy, not often. So, these ways are basically for home-made recipes of how to make slime without glue.

Here are 4 great DIY ways of making slime without glue:

Banana Slime:

Banana is one of the regular fruits that is always there on your table, countertop or in your fridge. For this one, you need a banana, flour, water, and food coloring (for color).

  • First, mash the banana with a spoon completely.
  • Then, add flour and water and mix it with the mashed banana.
  • When done, and you will able to see the slime taking form, store the mixture in the refrigerator for one day.
  • Take it out and voila! Your banana slime is ready.
  • All you have to do now is add food coloring to make it look like banana slime and not just slime made out of clay.

Now that your slime without glue is ready, your final step is to let your kids play with it. That has always been the intended plan.

Toothpaste Slime:

Just like a banana, toothpaste is also a necessary accessory in your household. For this one, what you need is toothpaste, salt, flour, and food color. This is perhaps the easiest make slime without glue recipes.

  • All you have to do is take a suitable quantity of toothpaste, add some salt, and mix them.
  • Then add some food color and mix again.
  • Finally, add an equal amount of flour (no water needed here) and do the final mix.

Now, your slime is ready to be enjoyed with by your kids and maybe you too.

Shower gel slime:

To make slime with shower gel, you will need handwash too. And the rest is as follows:

  • Take equal amounts of both the shower gel and handwash and mix them thoroughly in a bowl.
  • Then add a bead of salt. Then mix again.
  • When visibly done, put it in the freezer for two minutes and bring it out.

And your slime without glue is ready. If you still find it sticky, add a little more salt, mix and put it in the freezer for 2 more minutes. And it’s done.

Hand Soap slime:

This is a more colorful way of how to make slime without glue. Just like the previous recipe, this one too requires hand wash or hand soap but not shower gel.

  • Take a suitable amount of hand soap in a bowl, add a little bit of salt (too much salt will destroy the mixture), and mix it thoroughly till you see it turn white.
  • Once done, store it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and take it out.
  • Now, all you have to do is add the colors.
  • And mix them up for the final time.

Your colorful hand soap slime is ready. Hand it over to your kid and enjoy the view. Many websites offer more such ways of how to make slime without glue along with everyday stuff like dank memes, funny things to say, and more. To know more about them, look up on the internet right away.

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