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4 Ways to Make Your L Shaped Kitchen Even More Stylish and Convenient



Kitchens are the place that always make our lives better. The ‘Heart’ of the home, as it is rightfully called, provides us with food, nourishment and loving memories. This little space brings everyone together, therefore, taking special care of this place is absolutely important! Now, remodeling your kitchen can be tricky. Remodeling a kitchen involves a lot of work such as, relocating plumbing, electrical units etc. That’s why most of the homeowners stick to the older layouts with little or no augmentation or modifications.

There are several different types and all of them require makeover and remodeling from time to time. Among all these kitchens, the L shaped modular kitchen is considered to be the most popular. Now if you have an L shaped kitchen and want to give it a brand new makeover as per your work experience, you might be in luck, because here are some mind blowing kitchen makeover/remodeling ideas just for you.

Add an Island in the Middle

Having an island in the kitchen is always a good idea because it not only opens up another work counter, but also provides a lot of storage space under it. The only shortcoming that this island offers is that it takes up some of the floor space and hinders the straight open workflow. But either way, having an island in the kitchen is super convenient as it can be turned into practically anything. From breakfast counter, prep section to bar counter, island kitchens can do them all.

Have a Customized Work Triangle

The three most important elements in a kitchen are the stove or oven, the refrigerator and the sink. In an L shaped modular kitchen, these essentials can be put in a perfectly synchronized manner. The wall that this particular kitchen type takes up, provides the space for these three accessories. Now, you can have it your way when you’re remodeling your kitchen. You can move them from their designated positions and place them as per your work convenience.

Have a Peninsula in the Kitchen

Having a peninsula in the kitchen can make your everyday kitchen work much easier. They are kind of similar to an island kitchen but in this case, they are connected to the main kitchen counter. They are basically an extended L counter which gives the L shaped modular kitchen a ‘U’ shape. They also come with some storage space. Kitchen peninsulas also divide the kitchen from the main living room area of the household.

Make More Room for Storage

L shaped kitchens have a bad reputation for providing less storage space. In this case, you can extend the storage cabinets up high to the ceiling. Match them with the same color as the rest of the furniture that you have in the kitchen and also get your hands on a kitchen step ladder and you’ll be good to go. For even better work experience, you can

add some open shelves to the storage. Mix and match them as per your choice and it will work wonderfully.

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