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5 Best Extension Cords For Any Situation



An extension cord is an insulated wire, having a plug at one end and a socket at the other. The same turns useful when you require the connection of any electrical appliance or power device. It applies to devices that have a small cord.

But apart from being helpful, these extension cords can be hazardous too. As per the notion of  Electric Safety Foundation International (ESFI), more than 3000 house fires occur yearly because of faulty extension cords. The reason behind these fires is overheating the wire, which means a substantial amount of electrical current keeps passing within the cables. Most of these wires are not the right ones for this job.

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So, you should take the extra initiative to exchange old extension cords with new ones, which will keep you and your home secure. Read the list of five best extension cords that you can use to get the better know-how to remain safe, both indoors and outdoors.


The multi-utility extension wire of Iron Forge’s is suitable for external and internal use and comes with a light vinyl jacket. It is water-resistant while protecting against any amount of moisture, scratch, and rays. The twelve-gauge wire has 10-15 amps. The cords are listed under UL for security, and the LED bulbs illuminate the light socket indicating when the electricity is flowing. The plug comes in a steel-clad blade for preventing and breakage or bend. A quality flat extension cord can take care of most long-lasting devices. Purchase one having a cord length of six to two-hundred feet to solve your purpose. Thus, while operating a lawnmower to any power-packed string lights, you can rely on this specific extension cord.

2. FIRMERST flat Plug

The extension cord by Firmerst has one-foot long cord-wires, which have fourteen AWG gauge ratings. Its power capacity is of 15 amps/125 volts/1875 watts. The thick cord wires can hold extra amps and watts. And it overheats less than the other rival products with sixteen or eighteen AWG wires. Firmerst handles maximum current flow as compared to any short-sized extension wire. It can resist heat up to 70-75 degrees Celsius. All of the Firmerst extension cords come under UL certification, well-wrapped in long-lasting plastic. The flat plug attached with the cord wire is perfect for any closed areas, in the middle of exits and other household fixtures. Get more interesting things to know about apps that pay you money.


It is a very versatile outdoor cord wire insulated within a thermoplastic elastomer jacket, well-known as TPR. The entire thing caters to flexible thoroughgoing high temperatures. This jacket being oil-proof sturdier than ordinary PVC cords can sustain in any weather conditions. While purchasing, you have to choose from a twelve or fourteen gauge rating with three length-types, like twenty-five, fifty, and a hundred feet. The plug-ends come illuminated for security and easy distinguishability, when in dark places. The total power capacity is 15-amp, catering to withstand average to sturdy external use: mainly powerful apparatuses and snow blowing machines.  

4. GE 25’ extension wire

This particular extension cord is around 25-foot long cord has a power capacity of 13 amps/125 volts/1625 watts and stands perfect for any external lights. They also come in a length of 15’ and 40’. So, you have all the options to choose the size you want to solve your purpose. Before purchasing, get the know-how on the areas you require to cover. It comes doubly insulated for extra resilience and prolonged life. This flat extension cord comes with 3 power outputs (holes), which admittedly can meet up with your external power requirements securely and consistently. GE Extension cord wire is available in black, making it easy to cover or hide, apart from the bright orange ones, which are thoroughly visible for your additional security.

5. CORDINATE Outlet wire

The Coordinate cord is a totally different extension wire. Preferably a heavy flexible, and plastic-coated cover, the 8’ cable comes infolded in twisted fabric. It is to mix well with its settings and prevent any bends as well as knots. You can choose from assorted colors along with chevron-textured patterns. With the aid of three polarized exits beside a flattened and two-prong power-strip, this is perfect for household lights, fans, and domestic appliances. The total power capacity of this extension cord is 13 amps. And, for security and prevention against any electric shocks, the power cord comes with slide-lock covers meant for each opening.

Final thought

An extension cord is hardly the one that we think about until the time we realize that we do not have one positioning area in and around our house. Above mentioned are five of the best-rated extension cords, ranging from pocket-friendly to a handful of general ones. Irrespective of running various household devices or running your Xbox, you can cherry-pick the extension cord type to solve your purpose.

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