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5 marketing tactics that are changing packaging trends



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You’re browsing through a popular clothing store online; you order the most fabulous floral dress for yourself. As soon as you receive your package at home, the first thing that you notice about the product is how it’s packed. That is one of the things that you see before you unwrap the box and immediately creates an impression in your head about how the product might be.

Packaging is an integral part of any business process; without it, any business would fail in making a mark within the market. It has to be attractive and has to ensure that the product is protected and is not damaged before it reaches you.

As 2020 witnessed a global pandemic, the way business was run was utterly transformed, and so was the packaging art. As a result, significant changes were seen, and packaging trends changed around the world. Here are 5 marketing tactics that are changing packing product trends.

Increased popularity for custom packaging.

People love it when brands customize packaging for their customers. Custom packaging allows brands to differentiate themselves in their way and creates a special bond with customers. In addition, the level of creativity that can be put into designing custom boxes for clients is endless.

For example, when Coco-Cola began printing names on its bottles and finding your specific name would always put a smile on your face. Likewise, it is always enjoyable finding your name on your favorite fizzy drink.

This level of customization also increases the popularity of the brand. So custom packaging is trending and hence businesses are looking for new ways of customization to add that WOW factor to their product packing.

Using dramatic Colors.

There are four colors in front of you, black, white, grey, and red. Which color will immediately grab your attention? It will be the color red for sure. With the evolution of technology, businesses can now introduce custom printed boxes using bold colors to grab their customers’ attention. Such boxes with dramatic and eye-catchy colors make the brand look unique. However, the choice of colors needs to be selected very carefully and need to represent your brand. Every color has a different impact on the consumer. Therefore, proper research would help businesses design their packaging accordingly.

This is why it is vital to search or discuss with a professional to know about the color scheming. This way it would be easy to choose the right colors for the product box.

Create your own custom box and packaging.

Since E-commerce has become popular worldwide and due to Covid-19, a large number of products are being ordered online, packaging has also changed. Brands are now allowing customers to choose the customized designs that they would like for their products. Sending customized thank you cards with custom printed boxes are appreciated by customers around the world. This customization not only makes your customers happy but also impresses the receiver as well. And we know people find new ways to make happy their loved ones with gifts.

This is popular for gift packaging especially. People love to send custom notes, printable things, etc with the products to the recipients. So adding custom notes and customizing packing according to customer’s choice is trending.

Sustainable Packaging.

Concern for the environment has been increasing in customers for years now. Customers prefer brands that work and provide custom box packaging that is bio-degradable and stop plastic bags. Recyclable packaging is slowly gaining immense popularity as customers prefer buying products from brands that use recyclable material for packaging. This sustainable packaging continues to grow and change. Research is being carried out to find new ways to wrap products that do not harm the environment.

So, it is always too critical to find ways to save this planet if you are business. Always opt for green packaging and eco-friendly solutions that are safe for climate and earth.

Custom box Packaging in the UK.

The UK has taken steps to become the leader in eco-friendly packaging. A large number of businesses that buy printed box the UK are made from reusable and recyclable material. Furthermore, the government of the UK has spent around 60 million Pounds on ensuring that the environment is protected. Therefore, businesses in the UK have to pay heavy fines if they are caught damaging the environment in any way.

The UK ensures that any plastic packaging is 100% reused and recycled. In addition, printed boxes in the UK provide brands with various designs that are friendly towards the environment.


According to research, around 90% of products fail in the market every year, why? There are so many products out there in the market, it’s nearly impossible to check and compare them all. To choose the best product, people rely on the packaging of the product.

As the world has changed, so has the packaging. There is now increased popularity for custom packaging and custom printed box packaging that would provide hints about the product’s inside. Of course, people enjoy the unwrapping experience as well.

Packaging continues to influence people and therefore remains an important element in marketing.


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