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5 Most Effective Home Remedies for Your Flu.



Flu is a common disease and both adults and children can get flu.  Its symptoms include a little bit of fever, cough, and nasal congestion. But how to cure it when you don’t have any doctor around? Well, we have the 5 most effective remedies that can cure your flu at home. Try to build up your immune system by consuming natural and organic stuff instead of medicine.

But in case you are not feeling any change even after using the below-mentioned remedies then contact your doctor as soon as possible for medicine.

1.       Drink Water:

During the flu, drink water as much as you can. You can also drink coconut water. It will help you to keep your nose and throat moist which is good for getting rid of running nose. Water washes away all the bacteria that are causing the flu. Besides water, you can also take other fluids like tea, soup, and broth.

2.       Take Soup and Broth:

Start taking hot soup and broth for improving your immune system. The broth has anti-inflammatory properties and it provides proteins and mineral to your body that increases the immune system. It also keeps your body hydrated. You can use both chicken and beef broth for treating your flu.   

3.       Tea:

If you are having dry cough and severe flu then ginger tea is the best remedy. Ginger tea relief you from the throat pain and its anti-inflammatory properties improve the nasal congestion. For making it add a few slices of ginger in the water and boil it for 10 to 20 minutes. The ginger tea is a little bit bitter in taste but its effectiveness cannot be denied. Therefore you can also add a little bit of honey in it for the taste.

You can also try some other teas like honey tea and green tea for flu remedy.    

4.       Increase Zinc Intake:

According to the best doctors in Rawalpindi, zinc intake helps in fighting against flu. This is also confirmed by different researchers because zinc is an important element for improving your immune system. Therefore, increase the intake of zinc whenever you encounter flu. To increase zinc in your body start eating red meat, beans, dairy, seeds, and eggs.  

5.       Inhale Steam:

The last home remedy which also recommended by many doctors is steam inhale. Inhaling steam kills the viruses and bacteria in your nasal and throat and it helps you to breathe easily during the flu. For this, you can use a vaporizer or simply boil the water in the pot. You can also add essential oils or Vicks in it for better results.
While using this technique, make sure to check the temperature of the steam.  

Other Remedies:

Use the above mentioned techniques for improving your immune system and to effectively treat your flu. Besides this, there are also some other remedies that you can use during the flu.

Salt Water:

If you are having sour throat then saltwater will cure it. For using this technique take a half teaspoon of salt and dissolve it in warm water. Gargle that saltwater multiple times in a day and you will notice the improvement in your throat.

Take Rest:

Rest is important when you have flu. Because sleep helps in increasing the immune system and fighting against those bacteria that are causing the flu. Therefore, avoid going unnecessary for a quick cure.

These are the best and most effective remedies that you can use to cure your flu at home. Try these and in case you still feel low then immediately seek medical advice from your doctor. Moreover, don’t use any supplements like zinc without consulting with your doctor.

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