7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Solar Shades



7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Solar Shades

Solar shades are your window’s best friends for the hot summer season. Places of the world where sun
sends down too much heat, solar shades can help keep rooms cooler. When you still want the fresh air
of outside but not much of sun’s direct sunlight warmth, solar shades can be the perfect options. These
perfect window treatments ideas are affordable and very effective.

With average global temperatures on the rise, people are looking for suitable window treatment ideas.
How do you block the sunlight and its heat without losing the view? Solar shades not only help insulate
your windows but also let you keep the view just with a bit of tint. You can also keep that tint under
control when deciding on density of the material.

Here are some facts about solar shades as perfect window treatment ideas you didn’t know:

1: Solar Shades Are Made from PVC or HDPE Mesh

Not many people know that typical solar shades are made from PVC materials. Finished in a type of
mesh, these materials do the best of blocking away sun’s heat. Their density can also be varied letting
homeowners keep the view when they got one.

To understand solar shades, think of roller window blinds. Pretty much same functionality and
operating processes are at play. Just that you get different materials in a mesh style of finishing. Smaller
perforations in their surface allows the outside view. PVC materials help absorb most of the heat.

2: You Can Keep Outside View with See Through Solar Shades

Blackout shades are quite popular. Many people actually think of them being the only solar shades
options. However, window treatment ideas with solar shades can also be pretty see through. When you
have a likable outside view, there is no need to block that at any time.

Solar shades are window treatment ideas that can block sun’s heat and yet let you keep the view. You
can also keep some of the daylight as well with right material density. Light filtering solar shades
however are pretty dark and don’t let much of a view.

3: Solar Shades Keep Heat Out but Not cold

Solar shades are window treatment ideas that work by absorbing or reflecting sun’s heat. Their PVC
materials and the chosen color can absorb or reflect heat from the sun. However, they might not be very
affective when it comes to blocking the cold at all.

To keep the cold out, you will need to change your window coverings. Window treatment ideas like
insulating wood window blinds or thick Roman blinds work much better. You can also double up on
windows with solar shades and curtains on top when needed.

4: Solar Shades Help Stop Furniture Fading

Sun sends UV rays down that make their way onto furniture placed closed to windows. Your sofas,
tables or any other pieces that get direct sunlight contact, will most likely fade with time. When you
apply solar shades that provide the view but block UV rays, furniture life can be expanded.

Whether you have your bed near a window in the bedroom or sofa in the living room, their colors can be
kept good as new with quality solar shades. These window treatment ideas help protect your furniture
colors for longer periods of time.

5: Brackets Can Stop Solar Shades from Flapping Around

Since solar shades are made from perforated processed PVC materials, these are light and flexible. If you
have any fan on or windows open, they can flap around pretty vigorously. However, this can be stopped
by using supportive brackets for these window treatments ideas.

Bottom mounted brackets can keep solar shades tightly in place. Small pieces of plastics or metals are
used to make these light brackets. Many solar shades providers include these in the packaging. If not,
ask for them and keep your solar shades in place.

6: Solar Shades Can Be Installed on Doors

Lot of people think blinds and shades are window specific. However, if you have glass door panels, solar
shades can be applied on them too. For homes where doors get direct sunlight in summer, keeping heat
out with solar shades is a great idea.

These window treatment ideas can also cover your doors up nicely. While keeping the outside view, you
can also get privacy for the indoors. These are pretty light in weight, so you will not have any problems
opening or closing your doors as well.

7: Solar Shades Can Be Installed at Outdoor Patios

If you have outdoor patio setup in your backyard or garden, solar shades can provide perfect
temperature reduction options. Although, there might be no windows in open patios, roller style solar
shades can still work in awesome ways.

Hang them down from the top of your patio and let them take most of sun’s heat. If you like to spend
time and sip on your cup of tea sitting in the patio, this type of solar shades implementation can be
great. Do make sure to roll them up when not being used to extend their material life.

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