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7 Reasons Why LG Leads the Smart TV Market in India



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A part of the LG Corporation, LG Electronics is a global pioneering electronics company that is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded by Koo In Hwai in 1958. Originally called “Goldstar”, in 1995, it changed its name to LG Electronics upon merging with Lucky Chemical. The company, considered one of the leading corporations in consumer electronics, has worldwide revenue of approximately 55 billion USD.

LG’s revenue from its home entertainment segment is about 11 billion USD, with the LG LED TV being one of the best-selling LED TVs globally. The company has made a significant mark in the United States, South Korea, Europe, and Asia, and within the Asian continent, LG bets on Indian sales to further its rise.

Smart TVs for Smart Consumers

Something that factors vitally in the Indian consumer’s mind while buying a smart TV is smart connectivity. In 2019, Amazon reported that 80 percent of televisions sold in India were smart TVs. Out of these, LG and Samsung led in sales. Manufacturers have also made advancements in subsequent models of smart TVs and technology is improving.

More importantly, smart TVs are becoming more affordable, and LG, an innovator in smart technology has kept their TV prices more competitive than other brands. While Chinese brands like Xiaomi and VU may be getting attention with product launches online, LG remains popular because of its reputation and durable TVs, combined with great pricing and advanced specifications.

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The brand has embedded itself in Indian consumers’ minds, who still believe that the best smart TV comes from brands like LG and Samsung. With sales of LG TVs stemming from tier 2 cities, the brand seeks to expand even further in the country.

LG Leads in the Smart TV Bracket

There is no doubt in consumers’ minds that smart TVs are here to stay. While people buy regular LED TVs without the “smart” label, there’s a gradual shift to smart TV purchases. If you are an avid gamer or wish to browse the internet on a bigger and better screen, not to mention live stream events or mirror content from your smartphone, a smart TV can offer you some of the most unforgettable immersive entertainment experiences. The LG LED TV, with or without the “smart” label is a good bet, because LG offers consumers the best value for money. Here are 7 reasons why LG is at the top of its smart TV game:

1. Innovation and the LG OLED TV –

Constantly innovating to make smart TVs better in resolution and performance, LG launched their OLED TV recently.

Whether you’re a gamer playing online or offline, watching movies, or downloading images from your PC to your TV, this TV comes with self-lit pixels that give viewers an edge. Viewers get detailed image quality with billions of rich colors in perfect blacks.

2. Brand Presence –

The brand has made its presence felt in India since 1997. With LG, the phrase “old is gold” rings true, as it has proven stability in India. Not only with its TVs, but the brand has made its mark in other appliance categories as well.

3. Great After-sales Service –

LG has a formidable reputation for prompt and reliable after-sales service, even beyond the warranty.

4. Affordability and Variety –

The best smart TV from LG may not necessarily be the cheapest, but there is a smart TV for every price segment in India, as well as sizes that range from 32 inches to 80 inches. Additionally, LG doesn’t compromise on quality, and TVs come with decent features and specs even in low-end models. Furthermore, with local plants in India located in Pune and Noida, the brand can afford to keep costs down.

5. Deals –

The brand offers huge discounts and deals, tying up with credit card companies and on e-commerce portals.

6. Recognition –

LG has been repeatedly getting rave reviews for its products and has won a number of awards as the “most attractive brand” in India. This has only increased its popularity and credibility, with real-time users of its TVs endorsing the brand’s reliable image.

7. Products that are Usable, Stylish, Tech-savvy, and Innovative – LG has constantly been innovating to offer greater convenience. In its smart TVs, it has incorporated webOS, for instance, as well as 3D technology.

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