A cheap way to decorate a room with paintings by great artists.




Encampment of Gypsies with Caravans Vincent van Gogh Painting

The more alluring your room is, the more enjoyable it will be for you and your guests to be there. If you have a picture in your house, who will your guests be, it is interesting to ask about it. You can tell him about it, demonstrating your knowledge of the arts. This, however, is not the primary benefit of fine art. The most key element is that beautiful paintings bring joy to people. The mood improves quickly after watching a stunning picture. And if you’re in a good mood, everything in life comes together very easily. Your home will have a friendly atmosphere.


The Beach at Walmer by Winston Churchill print canvas photo img

The Beach at Walmer by Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill’s paintings


Everyone is aware that purchasing original paintings is cost prohibitive. You cannot afford very expensive paintings if you are not a banker or an oligarch. Purchasing paintings by unknown artists is pretty harmful. It’s useless to buy paintings that don’t elicit any emotions and have no depth. The best option is to purchase a painting, such as one by Van Gogh or Claude Monet. If you like abstraction, you should buy works by Picasso or Vasily Kandinsky. By the way, I recently found paintings by Winston Churchill, who specialized in landscapes.By the way, this man was not only a good politician, but also a very good artist. His paintings are now incredibly popular. Some of them are auctioned off for millions of euros.


Delicate Tension No 85 by Wassily Kandinsky canvas print photo image

Abstract Canvas Prints For Home Decor

So, what should you do if you don’t have enough money to buy such delightful original paintings? I have two options for you. The first possibility is to purchase a reproduction. A reproduction can range in price from $200 to $1,000, depending on how much you are willing to spend. The second option  is to purchase a high-quality canvas print. You can order prints in any size and from any artist. Prints are now produced in such high quality that it is sometimes impossible to tell them apart from the original. On the Lavelart website, I recently purchased a very good abstract painting by Wasily Kandinsky. It was a print of this painting. I only spent $60. I didn’t have to worry about which frame would be appropriate for this print. Because I purchased a print that was already framed and ready to hang on the wall.

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