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A complete overview of the concept of lightning and lightning protection



Khalifa lightning protection system

The lightning is considered to be a very natural phenomenon which is based upon certain training of the electrical charges that are built into the lower cloud systems. Sometimes it might involve different kinds of charges and the flow of charge also helps in creating a very steep printed current wave that lasts for several seconds. The direct strike on the human or any other kind of livestock can lead to different kinds of consequences or can even lead to death of the individual. Hence, it is very important for the humans to pay proper attention to the protection from lightning strikes so that safety and security of everybody can be ensured and all the buildings which are risk prone can be secured perfectly. Any of the nearby streets can further lead to different kinds of problems because it can couple up with the communication and power systems which could ultimately cause a lot of current damages. 

Hence, having a proper understanding of the mechanism of lightning is very much important so that people can take the best possible decisions perfectly. It is further very important for people to have a complete idea about the Burj Khalifa lightning protection system because this particular building has installed this whole comprehensive system so that they can deal with adverse effects of the lightning phenomena very easily. Having a proper understanding of the whole thing will always allow people to make sure that protection is given the top-notch priority because lightning is one of the most widely studied and documented natural phenomena in the whole world.

There are different kinds of standards as well which people need to follow so that they can ensure proper protection from the lightning electromagnetic impulses and several other kinds of issues associated with the whole process. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to predict the behaviour of lightning with exactness which is the main reason that safeguarding all the possible damages is very important. 

Following are some of the very basic ways of protecting people and installations against different kinds of lightning and related ill-effects:

1. it is important to install the lightning warning systems to ensure that the personnel who are engaged into different kinds of activities both indoor and outdoor can be protected and they can take shelter as soon as possible.
2. It is important to install the lightning protection systems for different kinds of structures as per the codes and standards of the industry and authorities so that right kind of decisions can be made and protection can be insured.
3. It is important to invest in good quality bonding and grounding so that protection can be ensured all the time.
4. It is important to invest into surge arrestors on different kinds of power circuits.
5. It is very much important to invest into multi-power graded production of different kinds of systems to ensure a higher level of integrity in the whole process of conducting the path.

The lightning protection system will always ensure that building and any other kind of structure will be provided with complete protection against any kind of perceived risk of the lightning strikes and the associated images. Ultimately, there everything will depend upon the extent of listening activity or the area where the facility has been located. Hence, observation is very important in the whole process and decisions are made on different other kinds of factors like height of the structure, type of content, human presence and their degree that decides the extent of risk due to lightning. 

There are different kinds of national standards which have been also evolved from some of the specific methods of risk assessment which is very much important by people to be considered so that they can implement them perfectly.  According to the needs that has been assessed for the systems, the very next step is to design a suitable protection system so that it can be perfectly recognized and ensure that hundred percent protection is there from all the incidents of lightning. There are different methods of computing defectiveness of the protection process so that overall goals are easily and efficiently achieved and designing as well as implementation of the most appropriate protection system has been carried out.

It is further very much important to pay proper attention to the grounding concept because it will play a very important role in the protection of buildings and equipments from the direct strikes. This particular system has been specifically designed to provide a low resistance path to the ground ensuring that impedance will be present in the whole system. Connection path to the lightning would also be provided with the help of building structural members and in the cases of concrete buildings, the steel reinforcement bars must also be paid proper attention to. Hence, availability of a low-resistant and a good electoral system is considered to be a matter of importance because the rising availability of the facilities has to be computed with proper reference to the true ground and the general earth mass. 

  1. Hence, there are different types of devices which are available for the protection of electrical equipment from the damaging effects so that these kinds of components can be perfectly implemented. Such components are known as lightning arrestors and these devices function by providing the low impedance ground path as well as safety to the concerned people so that sensitive equipment can be protected all the time. Further, it is very much important for the organization to pay proper attention to the installation of the Burj Khalifa lightning arrestor along with its proper maintenance so that functionality can be insured in the whole process and it can even operate in the difficult conditions very effectively. Hence, periodic inspections are very much important so that one can have a clear-cut idea about which of the things are lacking so that corrective action can be perfectly taken. Indulging in all these kinds of things will always ensure proper protection of life and property of the humans perfectly.

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