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All About Kalsubai trek




What a trek can really offer you? To experience it one must go on a trek rather than surfing and reading about it. Nothing can give you the satisfaction of fresh air, scenic views of majestic mountains, foot on moist grassland unless you feel them for yourself. Now most of us are stuck in a strict routine ‘metropolitan’ schedule that we forget we do have the liberty to enjoy life at the same time. Job during weekdays, family duty during weekends, we wish we have extra days in a week just to chill out and start afresh ahead. Eventually, that can’t happen. But what’s possible is a little modification in your schedule for family or friends and a pinch of enthusiasm. 


What India, our motherland has to offer us is beyond your assumptions. You would be surprised to know that we have grasslands, meadows, mountains, shores, woods, lakes like no other country! I am here to guide you through a trek and make things possible for you!


Kalsubai trek


Known as “Everest of Maharashtra” it’s one of the highest peaks of the Sahyadri Ranges and the highest in the state. Settled at a height of 5400 ft, the range falls under the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a good 6.6 km stretch from Bari village and can take up to 4 hours. Quickly reach Mumbai airport or land in Igatpuri Junction to reach the base camp, Bari village to begin the trek. For it’s not-so-difficult level of trekking and climatic conditions, the peak attracts guests throughout the year. The Arthur Lake, Bhandardara Dam, Wildlife Sanctuary, water bodies, and the fresh greenery plantation acts as an eye-catcher to the Kalsubai trek. The major reason for its popularity is the temple on top of the peak and it attracts a handful of devotees each year.


The 6.6km stretch might sound easy but the peak is initially filled with slippery and bumpy rocks that even experienced trekkers may find difficult. The hills near the Kalsubai peak are comparatively easier to ascend.


Quick fact!


The temple on top was built in memory of a housemaid who had disappeared near the mountain while trying to escape from her employer’s merciless sufferings! The locals believe that this was the reason it got its name. No worries though. There is no record of spirit!

What can I see?


So thrilled even to think about the views that are waiting for humans who admire nature. Scaling the highest peak of Maharashtra is itself a way to earth’s heaven and a series of pinnacles.



  • Spiritual Kalsubai Temple
  • Surreal greenery and blissful surroundings.
  • Stunning views of mountains like Kulang, Ratangad, Alang, Madangad, and to the south Pabhargad, Ghanchakkar, etc
  • Mesmerizing views of the dense woods and forts.
  •   Super exciting steel railings, chains, and iron ladders that lead you up perilous paths.







What’s new?


We have breakfast on tables, floor, bed but served hot on top of the mountain? Here is a chance for you! You would carve for sunrises while having breakfast henceforth. The Kalsubai trek can also be night trekked and the path is already well designed for it. Don’t worry about getting lost! Chit chat with the villagers and you are one of them in no time.


No problem if you don’t wish to trek or take the ladders. You got man-made stairs to get you to the top. All you need is one day off your schedule, regular fitness level, jacket, some dry fruit nuts, and curiosity!


Life is precious. We do say it but never really understand the depth of it. As humans, this body needs relaxation, fresh air, sweat, happiness, memories, on top of all, we necessarily deserve them. So why not take off a day during your busy life and spend your time in something you know for sure that it’s worth it? Family, friends, couple, individual or group, whatsoever, the peak is the perfect spot to fill your hearts and give beautiful memories to cherish. 





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