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All About Leh bike trek




A road trip has always been on our wish list. You wish to feel the not-so-chill-not-so-warm breeze. You want to feel the drizzle hitting your face while you are on a bike. And your lungs wish to inhale slowly and deeply the scent of freshly rained mud. Fabulous and luckily if the rainbow colours the sky with the orange-reddish sun setting behind it. Birds chirping and soaring in the direction of the wind, complete half of the picture. Now the other half is you. It is you who has to feel all of this. The countless cells in you would carve for it I imagine. But when? How? Is it possible? All of your imagination and assumptions in about to come true!


Attention to every biker out there! I am about to take you on a ride to one of the top priority trips on your wish list. Yes, the Leh Ladakh bike trip. Leh city, as we all know is bordered by the Himalayas and is considered to be the highest-rated travel destination across the Globe. But the best is when you do it by road. Though it sounds amazing and possible, the trip requires a lot of preparation and the biker has to handle quite a lot of hindrances on his/her way. Let’s get started!


When? How?


Talking about the ideal time to make this trip successful, it’s the month of June to September. But if you are the one who wants time to blend in for you, you go ahead to choose 15 days or more at the end of December and kick start the new year thereon. This crazy bike trip would nevertheless offer magic and unimaginable views to hold on to round the year except for the monsoon. 


The route, climatic conditions, budget, on top of all your lifeline, your wheels matters while considering the trip. Be it the powerful and suitable muscle, Royal Enfield or Bajaj Pulsar or KTM Duke or CBR 250, it’s up to you. The most preferable route that most bikers appreciate so far starts from Delhi (base). Srinagar to Leh and Manali to Leh are the two main routes that promise the best road conditions and splendid scenery along the way. A challenger would choose the route from Manali because of rugged landscapes and going neck-to-neck with difficulties and danger.


Why Leh Bike trip?


Three mesmerizing earth’s heaven


  1.   Pangong Tso

The lake stretches to 134kms located in the heart of the Himalayas. Catch the glimpse of the majestic mountains from down there and guess what? It’s so huge that half of the lake is in China making it the largest lake in the whole of Asia.

  1.       Zanskar Valley

Snow-covered peaks around, Hues of tranquil blue and perfect brown of the valley will leave you speechless. Your visit to chadar trek to walk on the frozen river is still far away? No problem, you can walk on this river during winter!

  1.       Namgyal Tsemo Gompa

The Namgyal Tsemo Monastery is the home of the magnificent golden statue of Maitreya Buddha. The spiritual energy will keep up with you throughout the trip!


But still why Leh bike trip?


This venturesome journey pledges you breath-taking, and jaw-dropping landscapes found on this planet. No doubt that the Himalayas is a pack of freezing mountain streams, high elevated stunning passes, and rugged laden plains. The majestic mountain lakes in the Leh Ladakh region will surely leave you with a lasting impression and lucky are those who have got a chance to travel to this destination. Evergreen valleys, snow-capped ranges, temples and vibrant and colourful celebrations in the cities, and enchanting wilderness promises to give you a spectacular motorcycle tour experience.


Below are some eye-catchers of the trip, which would make you go speechless on its first sight, 


  •   The Nubra valley, the valley of flowers otherwise
  •   Shanti Stupa which gives a panoramic view of Leh
  •   King Sengge Namgyal’s Royal Leh Palace
  •   the magic magnetic hill in Ladakh
  •   Drass Valley, coldest hill station in India


Mind you, the trip proves to be a dream for any biker. Contain your excitement and prepare flawlessly to ride on the roads which are at altitudes of 13,000 feet! 




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