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Apartament Cleaning Services in Miami



The most pleasant thing after a hard working day is to come to your cozy home and relax, to disappear from the whole world. Entrust the cleaning of the apartments to the professional company “Shen Cleaning” to make your home continue to delight you.

Our services

You will find following types of cleaning in our company:

  • general cleaning;
  • daily cleaning;
  • cleaning of carpets and furniture;
  • washing floors;
  • washing windows and blinds;
  • disinfection;
  • hypoallergenic cleaning;
  • post construction cleaning;
  • cleaning a new apartment (after moving)

You can choose the appropriate type of cleaning and tell your wishes by contacting the manager. By the way, there is a 10% off the first cleaning in Shen Cleaning. You can order the service on our website.


If you ordered a general cleaning of your apartment, be sure that the Shen Cleaning employees will dust off the most inaccessible places. Cleaning takes place in the following premises:

  • Bathroom;
  • Kitchen;
  • Living room and hall;
  • Bedroom;

You can order a thorough cleaning of one room if you do not need to clean the entire apartment. But you will agree that professional cleaning of the entire living space is much more effective: the apartament cleaning services will stay clean longer.

What general cleaning includes

Our staff pay attention to every inch of your home during the thorough cleaning of the entire apartment. General cleaning includes:

  • Bathroom cleaning: cleaning the bathroom and/or shower, toilet, sink, mirrors and mirror surfaces, washing walls and floors.
  • Dusting out the cobwebs, dusting all horizontal surfaces in the house.
  • Cleaning of carpets and floors (including gentle washing of laminate and parquet surfaces).
  • Changing the bed linen; washing and ironing – at your request.
  • Washing windows, cornices, batteries, blinds, interior and exterior doors, air conditioning.
  • Cleaning kitchen surfaces, oven, stove, microwave oven, washing refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, etc.
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture.

It’s great that you can do only the things that you love with the services of Shen Cleaning! After all, you would definitely spend the entire weekend doing such thorough cleaning by yourself.

By choosing a leader, you get a guaranteed result

For 14 years of working, “Shen Cleaning” earned the trust of hundreds of families and is not going to stop doing this. The company successfully outperforms competitors across the country through its principles and values.

  1. Only a thorough cleaning of every corner of your apartment. The Shen Cleaning employees clean even the invisible places: under the bed, sofa, behind kitchen cabinets and refrigerator, and in that far corner. The Shen Cleaning works for 100% result.
  2. The company’s flexibility is that everyone can enjoy the cleanliness and comfort of their apartment. You can choose the desired part of work and limit the cleaning staff to specific tasks, calculating the budget according to the price list.
  3. At Shen Cleaning, every employee cleans well, both in the north and south of the country. All thanks to unified training and supervision by managers As per the colour of your master bedroom the latest bedding trends must be used to keep the contrast between the two similar.
  4. The Shen Cleaning takes care of its customers, taking into account individual wishes and requests.
  5. The company has a regular cleaning service according to your schedule.

Immediately go to the site and order cleaning from professionals, so that instead of boring washing windows and a stove, you can enjoy a book, a movie, or a walk.

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