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A Short Guide to Write Argumentative and College Admission Essay



argumentative essay writing

When you write a college admission essay you show the college who are you as a person and why you deserve to be in their college? This certainly puts a lot of pressure on you but consider this as a grand opportunity to make your way through a good college. In argumentative essay writing, the best way to draft a fine piece of work is to go through or follow a process. Yes, you should learn the steps in which you should attempt or approach your essay. Today, we are rolling out the exact way that works for us:


Organize your approach


Before you look online for “who can write my essay?” we want to assure you that you can. Every college or institute may have its own writing style and guidelines therefore you must collect that information beforehand to avoid any rework. Also, it may take hours to get your personal statement worked up thus make a plan. Decide what part will you attempt first and how will you wrap up the topic etc.


Brainstorm the ideas


Don’t pick the very first idea that comes to your mind. Also, don’t write everything that surrounds you and has no other scope. It will be very boring and obvious. You can talk about how your culture affected you, how your family inspired you into becoming what you are today etc. Note down the topics and choose the one that best describes you and your message.


Pick a topic


What factors you should consider while choosing a topic? Well, once you have your big list narrow it down by seeing which topic can be explained in detail and highlights your strengths and achievements. It should be focused and insightful too.


Write your first draft


It’s go-time now. Invest your time in writing your draft. Dump all information in your first draft to make sure you have written down everything you could think of.


Edit & proofread your draft


Your final draft is a winner because you edit all the parts that are unnecessary. Use online tools to check your grammar and plagiarism and you are more than good to go.




The short guide above on how to write an exemplary college admission essay covers all the basics you need to know. If you follow the process given above you can certainly craft an amazing personal statement and increase your chances of getting into a good college.


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