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Best Dubai Real Estate Apps Everyone Should Have



Dubai Real Estate Apps

Whether you’re looking to enter the Dubai real estate investment market or becoming a tenant, you need access to the right tools and information.

Ever since the launch of Smart Dubai initiative and the digitization process that reaped prosperity in the emirate, it has become significantly easier to solve all your real estate problems on the go. Involving smartphone applications to the mix, the government has made it possible to get the latest information, legal advice and payment solutions online.

Let’s take some of the most important apps that every person who wants to enter Dubai real estate should have:


Following the situations faced by millions of tenants and landlords around the emirate, DLD took the initiative to offer assistance to all the residents and owners using a smart system that is based online. The rental dispute centre that everyone needed to visit in order to file a complaint or resolve any issue is now online. That means, you just need to download the DLD RDC app on your phone and you’ll have access to the RDC.

They can provide legal advice, provide solutions to general disputes with respect to the latest laws and protocols of the government, etc. All one has to do is to file a dispute through this app to get a solution. You can even have the ability to pay all the outstanding dues online. Furthermore, if you want to appeal for cases or make special requests regarding your rental agreement, you can do this through the DLD RDC app.

The app also lets you access the database that provides you information on all the major disputes, governmental mediation, rental issues and disagreements as well.


This is one of the most important apps for everyone who is looking to buy or lease a property. Ejari registration is mandatory to have a rental agreement officially recognized by the government. Previously, this system required everyone to visit the local offices in order to get the procedure done. Now, however, you can do it through this app.

Just upload the necessary documentation that is required for your application and submit it for approval online. You’ll be required to pay a certain fee that you can do through your app as well. This fee amounts to almost AED 170. This will register your rental agreement with the governmental authorities.

You can also use the app to calculate rent increases that you’ll have to pay throughout your tenancy period. It’s important to note that you need to have your tenancy agreement typed out in the formal legal language. For that, you can use the app to locate the local typing centres that will do that for you.

Lastly, you can even print out your Ejari certification and contract details using your smartphone.


Since there are a lot of huge buildings with numerous offices located on every floor, it’s easy for tourists to get puzzled. To help them navigate their way through the emirate, MAKANI is an application that locates entrances and building locations.

This app works by using 10-digit MAKANI numbers to locate properties using the GPS systems. Since it uses simple addresses, there’s not a lot of complications that one faces with various codes, names and directions. Basically, the app lets you access the official geographic addressing system of the emirate.

Investment Map Portal

If you’re an investor who is looking to invest in off-plan projects across Dubai, you need the Investment Map Portal app on your phone. The app doesn’t just highlight all the significant projects on the map for you; it also uses integrated applications that are coupled with best practices of Dubai real estate industries that provide you with major opportunities. You can use this governmental app to make investment transactions over your phone.This is another amazing application that appeals to all investors in and outside the emirate of Dubai. It has been developed by the Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Center, which is the investment wing of the Dubai Land Department. With access to the best off-plan projects, it’s no secret that properties for rent in Dubai will guarantee a great ROI.

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