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Best Free Duplicate & Similar Image Detector For Windows 10



Best Free Duplicate & Similar Image Detector For Windows 10

Over the years, a large number of photographs are collected on computers, and often there are copies of the same image.. Find and remove those duplicate photos, it will help to save computer resources. Fortunately, there are special programs for this and you do not have to manually search for identical photos.


Modern computers are equipped with large hard disks, which allows you to easily throw hundreds of gigabytes of information “on the screw”. But over time, a lot of duplicates accumulate on the hard drive. What to do if there are thousands of photos on your computer and there is a high probability that the same file could be copied to your PC several times? How to free up hard disk space by deleting unnecessary duplicates? Find and remove duplicate photos with the best duplicate and similar image software for Windows 10.

1. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

This utility does a search and can find exact copies of images, and also shows the percentage of their similarity. We tested the program in one of my folders, which had different variations of the same photo in terms of colors, sizes, and even images with similar faces. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder found everything.


Using the settings, you can adjust the search for similar images from exact copies to similar images.

2. CCleaner

The multifunctional utility CCleaner comes with a built-in Duplicate Finder that you can use to find duplicate images. But the search capabilities with CCleaner are very limited. it can only find images with the same size, name, and modified date and file content, but not can determine which files can be safely deleted.


Therefore, we recommend checking the file path and the file itself to make sure it is in fact a duplicate. Choose the folders to search for identical photos yourself in the search settings.


You can download the CCleaner program from the official site.

3. Glary Duplicate Finder

Using Glary Duplicate File Finder, you can fully view all images on your computer to find duplicate images. As the result, you will see two parts: files and duplicate files. Specify what you want to leave and save and delete the rest. The software matches files by type, content, size, and creation date.


You can also click the Check Intelligent button and it will only select those duplicate files that can be removed with one click without thinking.

4. VisiPics

This is old software, but it works pretty well. You might not like the interface of the software, but it is able to find images that will certainly impress you. Find duplicate images using different filters: strict, simple, and free. It also finds small and uncompressed low-resolution images as duplicates, giving you the ability to select and save the best copy.


VisiPics supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, TGA, and RAW images. Results are displayed in real-time. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for the scan to complete.


To detect similar /identical images on a computer using VisiPics, it is enough to perform two steps:


  • Add directories for scanning to the program.
  • Click on the Start to find duplicate pictures.
  • Also in VisiPics, you can set the level of severity of image comparison using the corresponding slider. The closer it is set to the Strict level, the more similar the images found will be.


The search result will be displayed in the left part of the program window in the form of small icons (note that the results display area consists of several pages, between which you can switch). To view the pictures in enlarged form, just hover the mouse cursor over any of them. To mark images, click on them. After the duplicates have been selected, they can be moved or deleted.

5. CloneSpy


A simple, yet flexible and completely free program that can easily detect duplicates and delete them with your kind permission.


After starting CloneSpy, it searches the files’ checksums, ignoring the date and time of their creation, size, and so on. This method of finding duplicates allows you to make a more accurate and detailed search.


The program is small, works quickly and without glitches.

6. AntiTwin

This small tool can compare not only the size and date of a file but also its contents. The biggest advantage of using this software is that it is completely free and there is no adware at all. For accurate results when comparing images, you can perform a byte comparison or pixel comparison.


The results will show duplicate images, and you can also preview each file to avoid deleting important information.

7. AllDup

Despite the fact that the program is free, it can do a lot: it searches, deletes, copies and moves duplicate files, including the same audio recordings with different tags. There is a flexible search setting, and using the built-in viewer, you can examine the files and choose what to delete.


By default, files are compared only by their names, which is not entirely reasonable: it is better to turn on the search for duplicates only by content immediately after the start of use (settings can be changed in the Search method tab).


8. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

The program with the long name Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder has one advantage over all those discussed above – support for a large number of image formats that it is able to compare. The application is distributed for a fee, but there is also a free demo version with functional restrictions.


Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder has more scan options than any previous application. If you just need to find similar pictures, you can do it as follows:


  • Add folders for scanning (you can drag the mouse from the Explorer).
  • In the Scan block opposite the Similarity item, you can set the percentage of image similarity.
  • Click on the Start Scan button and wait for the scan result.

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