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Best Kids Math App For Learning in COVID-19 Situation at Home



With all the Covid-19 situation and lock down educators around the globe are looking for alternate methods for teaching kids. Since schools are closed parents are also looking for new methods to teach kids at home. With the advancements in technology and with kids having mobile devices with them all the time the parents can use the best math apps to teach math to kids at home.

Math is not easy to teach and learn so parents can use top math apps for kids. These apps will bring the math classroom to your home and will help your children to learn from home. 

These apps will help your children to learn math in an easy way. These apps have games, quiz, and other interactive content that will make your children hooked up to math.

What to Look For In a Math App For Kids

Math apps for kids should be able to teach kids’ math easily and in a fun loving way. It should be able to teach kids multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.

Top Math Apps for Kids should have these features:

  • Provide unique experience to the children to learn from home.
  • Inspire and encourage the children to discover, learn and navigate the application. They should also be able to learn about the limits of the app, rewards earned and other features of the app.
  • Contains interactive features that will engage children without distraction or reducing their knowledge. Apps should also include responsive, interactive, and animations that will help with understanding with some entertainment.
  • Make children and their parents interact in real life to make study better.
  • Can also be used without internet as many times we have noticed that our internet goes off or we at a location that has limited connectivity.

Below you can find the list of Best Math Apps for the kids that you can use to teach your kids maths.

Kids Math App: New way of learning Maths

One of the best math apps for kids, Kids Math App will help your children to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division easily. By completing the quizzes this app will reward the kids.

Kids will learn math using the games and they have to answer the quiz before the balloon drops or they have to answer the quiz before losing the life lines.

KidsMath App has unlimited levels to learn math. This helps enhance Math skills without any problem.

Some of the features of this app are:

● Unlimited levels to learn basic mathematical operations

● Medals for clearing each level successfully

● Dark and light themes

● All in one Math app with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

● Best Math app to learn calculations

● Adaptive learning path, allowing each child to learn at their own pace

● Independent learning

This app has the perfect way introducing the basic mathematical operations to the kids. Math will be taught to kids in a fun and easy way. These apps will increase the level of the maths at every level so that kids can learn maths.

Monster Math

Monster Math will bring fun and maths together which is almost impossible. This app will make math a light hearted game for the kids so they can learn and play together. 

This application has different characters who teach kids basic arithmetic maths. This application has fun animations and arcade style gameplay that will make children love math. You can also set the difficulty of the game.

You kids will be able to learn math and different skills while the characters save other characters by fighting the enemies. This game contains engaging and simple games that will help your kids to learn math. 


DragonBox is one of the best Math apps you can find. This application will keep the kids engaged in the maths using the great graphics and one of the characters that is called Nooms. This application helps your kids to solve long subtraction and additions using visualizing.

This application is most suitable for the kids of age between 4 to 9. This app will let kids of different ages solve the different levels of equations according to age. For kids with the age 5 to 9 this app will help them to learn complex math equations using games and other visual aids. 

This application has the digital version of the physical methods that teachers use in the teachings to learn math better. Older kids can learn Euclidean geometry and algebra using this application.

This application is addictive and will get your kids hooked up to maths in no time. Games in this application are short and lack tutorials. This math app is creative and will help your children learn maths.

Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math is one of the top math apps for kids that is free to us. This application will make math learning fun for the family and specially for kids. This app will help in improving children’s math in a fun loving way. This application will make learning Math like a bedtime story that your kids love,

This Math app has questions written in the middle school level and this app has world problems that will help your child to solve math problems easily. This app will provide fact, narrative, and questions based on the age of the children. 

This application will help the children in learning math easily. This will increase the math score of the kids without putting pressure on the parents.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids one of the top math apps that is designed by the Stanford Graduate School of Education experts. That means this application can provide world class education to kids and this application free.

This application also provides kids other quizzes that will help them to learn how to read, write, language and problem using animal characters.

Common math can be learned using the many books included in the application. This will also help children in learning math using activities, songs, and games. Learning process also includes adaptive learning so kids can learn different skills.

Lessons in the app are so well designed that will help your children to learn shapes, subtraction, measuring, and numbers very fast. This app will also reward children for learning and solving tasks.


Want your children to learn maths during the lockdown? Use these applications to teach maths to your kids in a fun and easy way. These apps will bring the math classroom into your home and will provide your kids with quality math classes. These apps are specifically designed for children to learn maths. 

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