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10 Best Offline Android Multiplayer Games 2020



It cannot be denied, playing games with friends is indeed fun. The fact is, multiplayer games are often played with an internet connection. But at this time, there are quite a number of Android offline multiplayer games that are also fun to play.

Usually, this type of game relies on Bluetooth connectivity or a WiFi hotspot network. But on the other hand, there are also a number of offline games that you can play with friends on one device.

Well, for those of you who want it, here are 10 recommendations for the best Android games that you deserve to try.

10 Best Android Offline Multiplayer Games 2020

1. Player Game 

As the name implies, this game allows you to be able to play on 1 HP with 4 players. So, you can play with your friends to have fun together.

The game modes available are fairly diverse, there are Sumo Showdown, Chicken Run, Snake Area, Skateboard Racing, Rally Racing, and many more.

With the availability of a wide selection of exciting games, you can challenge your friends to compete with skills against you. Surely it will be really exciting.

2. Driver Ahead! 

The next android offline multiplayer game is no less exciting. Where is the game called Drive Ahead! This raises a racing gladiator friend.

The multiplayer concept that is presented in this game still raises a concept that is not much different from the previous game, where you can play games with friends on one device.

Later, you can choose a variety of car options, from ordinary cars, monster trucks, to alien vehicles. The way to play is also relatively easy, where you only need to overthrow your friends with the power of the vehicles you have in an arena.

3. Soul Knight 

Soul Knight comes with retro-style visuals that will take you to explore the dungeon. Later you can collect a variety of weapons with different strengths.

Apart from that, this game also provides various types of heroes with unique abilities. Apart from providing a lot of game features, this game also supports offline multiplayer game modes for up to a total of 4 players.

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4. BombSquad 

As the name implies, this game carries a very exciting game concept where you will fight using bombs. What makes this game even more interesting is that there are boxes in the game that can turn bombs into more special ones.

Apart from having an interesting and exciting game concept, this game is also packed with a simple controller that is very easy to play. A variety of cool arena choices are also a more attractive point of this BombSquad game.

As a multiplayer game, later you can play this game with 8 players who can play together. But of course, you must be connected to the same network.

5. Fling Fighters

Besides being able to challenge players from all over the world, Fling Fighters also allows you to play with your friends.

As an android offline multiplayer game, you can later play with friends without being connected to the internet at all. The offline multiplayer gameplay itself will be on one mobile screen, where players will share screens on the left and right.

The way to play is fairly simple, where you only need to destroy your opponent’s health points in various ways.

6. Sea Battle 2

Indeed, Sea Battle 2 is inspired by the classic board game Battleship. This game itself is a turn-based type where you and the enemy will take turns to attack the ship.

Before the game starts, you are asked to put ships in an ocean. Later you are free to put the ship anywhere, and the enemy will do the same with you.

Besides being able to fight the computer, of course, you can also fight other players using one screen or online. In short, this game assigns you to guess the location of your opponent’s ship by bombing the areas on the screen. Who is able to destroy the entire ship, he is the winner.

7. Doodle Army 2: Mini Miltia

This game made by Miniclip presents a combat multiplayer game concept where it can be played by 6 to 12 people. This game itself utilizes a portable hotspot network to be able to be played in multiplayer with your friends.

The purpose of this game is fairly simple, where you are required to fight your friends using a variety of existing weapons, such as machine guns, handguns, shotguns, and so on.

8. DUAL!

Even though it has a simple game concept, this Android offline multiplayer game has received quite a lot of downloads, which is more than 10 million times. This game itself has a variety of game modes that can be selected and played simultaneously.

Later, you can use Bluetooth or use the hotspot portable network to be able to play with friends.

9. Stickman Party:

As the name implies, this game carries the theme of the Stickman character, which will certainly be fun and enjoyable. Moreover, this game can also be played by up to 4 players on one device.

Besides being able to be played with friends, you can also play this game with bots to just hone skills. With a variety of game modes available, this game won’t get bored quickly.

10. Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 brings a really simple game concept. Where you only need to direct the ball to the enemy’s goal. But you also need to block the ball from the enemy from entering your goal.

Besides providing a playing mode against the computer, you can also have fun together with friends on the same device. To pamper the players, the developer provides colorful light graphics with 3 theme choices.

ClosingBy playing the Android offline multiplayer game above, you can certainly have fun with friends or family without being connected to an internet connection. Happy gaming!

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