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Best Study Motivation Tips for Primary School Students




The shift to online classes has meant that students now have a lot of freedom with their study hours. The arrangement offers them a lot of flexibility. Those who love studying in the wee hours of the morning may now do so while those who study better in the afternoon or at night can go that route. However, if none of these is working out for you, then you might need a bit of help. Here are tips to get you on the right track.

Explore a Ton of Options

Not all motivation strategies out there will work out for you. But you’ll want to try out as many as you can to find out which one actually suits you. That means don’t give up even when you think things aren’t working out. You trying options out there is you eliminating the possibilities and getting closer to the motivation techniques that will impact your life and grades in primary school positively.

Be Sensitive to Your Moods

We all know the importance of not letting things upset us. But keeping calm is easier said than done especially when it involves your emotions. What you can do, though, is to be self-aware enough to be sensitive to your own moods. Make it a habit to ask yourself if you’re okay. Are you all right? If you can’t control your mood quite yet and you find yourself easily sad, upset, or distracted, then knowing your moods and how to avert them is a good alternative for now. Later, though, you’ll need to know how to deal with your moods so that even when unpleasant things happen, you can still focus on your books and study.

Give Yourself a Reward  

There’s a reason why a lot of people procrastinate. They aren’t in the mood. They don’t like the current situation. They need immediate gratification. Or, they are trying to distract themselves, not all that caring that they are pushing back their deadlines and making it worse on them. If you’ve often found yourself guilty of procrastinating, then think about activities that make you happy. Reward yourself with a treat. Tell yourself that you’ll watch that first episode of the Korean show you’ve been wanting to binge-watch if you finish a certain number of chapters. Or, maybe you’ll finally buy that chocolate set even when it’s a little bit pricey, though, you might want to save the expensive treats for something big. By rewarding yourself for achieving a goal, you could improve your concentration levels.

Take Breaks

Some students have a misconception that studying non-stop is good. It’s not a learning style that works for most, though. Breaks are good for your brain and they keep you alert, and your mind refreshed. By taking breaks, you don’t fall asleep out of boredom. Breaks also improve the blood circulation in your system, at least if you spend those breaks walking around and stretching your legs. Non-stop studying isn’t often better, especially since the quality of your attention suffers the longer you study.

Break Them Down

The best way to retain information is to do it gradually. Don’t try to cram for an exam at the very last minute. Your brain remembers lessons best when this is done gradually. Break down those large study units into smaller ones. Instead of going over the entire material in one go, read a chapter every day or every other day. Do that for your other subjects. Learn a little math today, a little chemistry and about literature. By breaking them down, you’ll remember the lessons and ideas much better.

Create a Timeline

Maybe you’re a list person. If so, try making up a list of all the deadlines of everything that you need to study and do. Schedule those chapters every day. Seeing that on your timeline could help you stay on track. It’s also fun to check out whatever you manage to accomplish. With every task you cross out of your list, you’ll feel a sense that you’re getting things done and that can motivate you to keep going.

Schedule Your Day

A daily schedule can help you keep track of what you’re doing. It might not seem ideal to have every moment of your day mapped out, but if you want to make the most out of your time and not while it away surfing online or watching Netflix, then a schedule will be a tremendous help to you. Just one look and you can already tell if you’re behind. That can spur you into action and get you to start taking your study time seriously.

Don’t forget to choose a good spot, one where you won’t be disturbed frequently. That way, you can put all your attention on studying. If you keep getting interrupted, you’ll want to move someplace else until you find the spot that will work for you. 

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