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Real Money Casino Games Vs Social Casino Games



How To Play Online Casinos From Israel

As the Covid-19 continues to run wild across the world, new mutations threaten to make the approved vaccinations obsolete. As a consequence, many people have remained in doors, working from home. Additionally, they are spending more time online, be it on their mobile devices or computers.

Two industries that saw major growth in online activity throughout 2020, were social gaming platforms and online gambling sites. Even though these industries fall under different definitions, they’re both considered gambling. Yet one is with fake money and the other is with real money. So, let’s see which is better.

Social Casino Games

As their name suggests, social games are meant for playing with your friends. You can play most social casino games through Facebook or directly on mobile apps. These games are designed to keep you playing them for many hours. Every time you play you unlock new features and rewards, that can be in the form of new slot games or extra free chips.

The social aspect of the game usually requires you to log in with your Facebook account details. This will usually give the game access to your Facebook friends list and will display your game activity to them. If your friends play too, then a rivalry starts to see who the better player is and who reaches the highest level.

However, you are only. Playing with fake money. And when your chips run out, you either have to wait a day until your next batch of free chips are awarded or you can buy chips with real money. So, you’re spending money to play online slot games but everything you win is worth nothing. You cannot withdraw any money from these games. So, all you have to show for it is just bragging rights among your friends.

Real Money Casino Games

In India it is estimated that there are over 500 million active smartphone users daily. Online casinos have created an opportunity for gamblers to gamble for real money from anywhere in the sub-continent. So, Indians do not have to travel all the way to Goa to gamble at a land-based casino.

Online casino site Bursa303 have wide selections of real money casino games. These include online slots, live casino games and lottery. But the most popular games in India are Andar Bahar and Teen Patti games.

All you need to do to start playing is make a real money deposit into your account. Today most Indian casino sites support all local deposit methods, such as PayTM, Netbanking and PhonePe. So, depositing money and withdrawing winnings is fairly easy.

Pros and Cons

One of the major issues with any form of gambling is addiction. Gambling addiction can lead to serious financial problems as well as personal issues within the family. Whether you’re depositing large sums of money in an online casino or buying more chips in a social casino game, in the end you’re still gambling your money away. Therefore, it’s very important to have certain measures in place to protect you from this happening.

At licensed online casinos, only players of 18 or older are allowed to gamble, and they have special responsible gambling features that allow you to set limits on your account. However, on social casino games there is no age restriction, because they fall under the “disguise” of not gambling with real money.

In some countries they’ve realized the threat of gambling addiction in minors due to social casino games. Just because you’re playing with fake money doesn’t make it any more different than gambling with real money. The same thrills and excitement that get your blood rushing every time you hit a big win are present in both. So, minors are developing addictive gambling behaviour from a young age, without any systems in place to protect them.


Even though gambling has a bad reputation in our society, licensed casino sites are the safest platforms to use. Online gambling has strong regulation policies in place to protect players. However, social gaming platforms do not, and the threat of minors developing gambling addictions from a young age is a major concern that needs to be addressed.

The biggest issue is that online casinos offer real gambling, whereas social casinos games do not. And this allows the latter to operate legally in countries where online gambling is illegal. So, some companies may use this as a loophole to generate more revenue from restricted markets.

To conclude, if you want to play a game of Teen Patti, then you’re better off playing real money casino games. You can withdraw your real money winnings and you can gamble responsibly too.

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