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beneath one by an outdoor heater or bundled up with it at home, a comfy blanket is the perfect option to keep warm in winter.|warm blanket will keep you warm, no matter if you’re cuddling under it in front of an outside heater or on the couch at home.} We’ve written about lots of warm blankets — including the best blankets with weights, a cooling comforter and even picnic blankets We’ve listed the top soft blankets, as praised by the most avid reviewers on Amazon. summer blanket most ardent reviewers

 The Best Weighted Blankets

Best-rated plush blanket


Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Fabric Cover 4.7 stars, 110,432 reviews$22

This blanket, which has over 87,000  five-star reviews, is a favorite among people who are looking for something warm or too light. As one reviewer writes, it “has just the right Goldilocks blend of weight and warmth.” Another reviewer echoed that sentiment, writing “This blanket is what I need to keep me warm through all the seasons without the need for heavy layers, so my entire body is happy up to my delicate feet.” And dozens of reviewers pointed out how much they love the softness of the. One user wrote “I did not expect it to be soft. I didn’t expect it to induce me to snuggle up and ruffle my hair upon it.” It’s so comfortable that I believe I can endure it the rest of of my life. Another customer calls it “SO SO soft.” It’s SO comfortable. It’s a lot more comfortable than I thought. It’s so soft, I’d like to continue scratching it.”

A third common theme in reviews was that this blanket would make an excellent present. One reviewer stated, “I bought three of the blankets as Christmas presents to people who are difficult to shop for.” Another added, “In the future if I’m not sure of what gift to get someone for Christmas, I’ll likely come back to this blanket.” It’s true that during the winter, there’s nothing better than having a cozy, warm, SOFT blanket.” It’s also an ideal gift that will last up over the years according to another reviewer who writes, “I’ve had mine for three years and the only thing I can say is it endures the test of time. It has the same velvety, ultrasoft texture. It hasn’t lost its navy hue and the high-quality stitching is durable without any loose seams.

Best sherpa blanket

AmazonBasics Micromink Sherpa Blanket 4.7 stars, 13,561 reviews$30 baby blankets

A lot of reviewers who reside in cold climates are raving about this blanket. One reviewer writes “I am in love with this blanket. We had some really cold days in the last week when we were at -30 degrees with the windchill, and I had to keep the temperature down due to the excessive power usage in the state. I didn’t get cold at all, in fact I had to take it off some because I felt very warm.” Another reviewer writes, “I am in the very middle of Iowa winter at the moment and our living room is a bit chilly. This blanket is great! I host game nights quite often and have my friends argue over using the blankets.” The double-sided design is a great way to use it in multiple ways as per one reviewer “This blanket is soft and cozy I’ve used it as a comforter. I’m hot and the velvet side is great for warmer evenings as well as the Sherpa side is perfect for cold nights.”

The ultimate plush heated blanket

Electric Blanket with Bedsure Heating 4.4 stars, 4,771 reviews$65

The heated throw comes with five temperature settings. One reviewer said that it’s “a must-have item for autumn and winter.” She enjoys cuddling in it with her daughter at film nights. You will feel cozy and warm. It was made to let you relax while watching TVOthers claim that the blanket offers warmth at any temperature. One says they “only utilize levels three and lower as they are plenty warm enough,” and another reports that “the heating element works very well and is able to keep me warm even on the lowest settings.” Animals appear to love blankets too. one reviewer states that his Siamese cats love “sleeping on the heated blanket. have it on in the evening when I am with them in bed, and it’s perfect for me and the cats.”

Great plush blanket with texture

Bertte Ultra Velvet Plush Super Soft Decorative Stripe Throw  Blanketnight  $164.6 stars 9971 reviews

Many reviewers were impressed by the luxury feel of this throw blanket, and one who “turned it into an amazing wedding present” saying, “After I embroidered it and embellished it I was delighted with the result … Actually it looked like it had come from a high-end shop.” The softness and weight makes it a top choice, even when reviewers compare it to similar blankets. One reviewer who writes “This quickly became my top blanket, and let me you know that I have a lot of blankets. I have a huge basket of them in the living room, for cuddling and cuddling, warmth etc. to keep for guest and personal use. It is not for use by guests or friends. be allowed touch this, because it’s mine. I don’t even want to let my dog play with the blanket with me. It’s just too gorgeous.” Other people mentioned that it was a popular item for guests. One said, “When friends get together to unwind or watch a movie They fight over this blanket over others… and, at this rate, we’re going to buy more.” I remember one of my acquaintances asked me where I got it, and when I told her she immediately went to Amazon and purchased one.” Many also like the striped pattern that one reviewer claims provides “it an elegant look instead of plain.”

The top fleece blanket that has an embossed design

Chanasya EmbossedFuzzy Throw blanket (60 x70 inches). $354.7 stars 6143 reviews

The blanket’s faux fur feels “like butter” as one reviewer said. “This blanket is heaven for Fibromyalgia sufferers who have sensitive skin.” I’ll definitely purchase additional.” Another blanket lover, who has a self-diagnosed “cozy throw addiction” writes “I bought two of these from this retailer (black and ivory) and they’re amazing and comfortable blankets of pure buttery-soft delight. They’re an amazing deal for the price, but they’re soft and high-quality make them my most loved blanket.” Another customer who is satisfied commented, “My family fights about the throw. It is extremely soft. It’s soft enough that cats sleep when they lay on it. It’s awe-inspiring.” One reviewer also observes that “The checkered pattern looks even better than the images.”

Best reversible plush blanket

Genteele Sherpa Plush Throw Blanket (50″ 60“) $254.8 stars 7604 user ratings

“THIS is the perfect blanket to have,” starts off one very happy reviewer. She goes on to call it “a throw for watching movies, cuddling kids, relaxing by yourself. It’s also great as a bed blanket during the night, that don’t require extra layers. It’s as soft as silk.” Another reviewer described the texture as “perfect comfortable, not too hot yet enough to keep the chill off while watching television.” Many of the reviewers said that the blanket is durable and lasts well, such as one who “always had a desire for one of these soft and fluffy look blankets, but have been afraid to experience tiny fuzzy balls all over my body. This blanket is a gift from God Soft, warm, and leaves behind 0 fuzzy balls.” Another added, “I have washed it today and it washed out gorgeously. It’s really affordableit’s almost as if I paid triple the amount.” Another reviewer stated, “I searched Amazon for the softest blanket to see what results would be found and this one came up.” bought it because it was on sale. Amazon was not kidding. This blanket is so soft.

Best plush blanket for babies

Wonder Miracle Fuzzy Throw Blanket 4.5 stars, 12,463 reviews$21

Parents are raving about how the cozy blanket is perfect to wrap their infants. It’s a great baby blanket. One reviewer wrote that the blanket is super soft and lightweight. It folds down small to not take up much space when we require it. It’s like the luxurious blanket that my wife bought me as part of her baby registry. My baby isn’t going to fall asleep if I wrap  it around him. Five times with no cover, then immediately with the.

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