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Why Congress Assam News Is Getting More Popular In Assam State?



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You have been heard about the Bachao video competition, which is getting more famous in the Assam nation. The congress party is the one, who creates this innovative contest. They especially bring this contest to solve the Assam people’s social issues. They thought and executed this idea before the parliament election. You will think about why they are doing this contest and what will be benefit gain by the congress members through this. By executing this contest they are motivating their voters and this will help the congress party to get success at the election.


Importance of their providing service:


At this competition, the congress is going to give cash prices and phones to the winners. The Assam congress organization lead Gaurav Gogoi has announced this Bachao video contest to the people. You can see all this information on the congress assam news. It was announced on February 09, 2021Tuesday and this competition will be done up to February 19, 2021. To know more about this competition, you should read the upcoming article.


What is the process of the contest?


The concept of the contest is people should take a two-minute video. The video should not be based upon unnecessary things; it should fully be based upon the things like social issues such as harassment, transport facility issues, water issues, unemployment, and much more. Those all things should cover-up in the two-minute videos. The video which is considering as the most urgent issue and needed social media issue will get the first price from the congress organization.


You can also know about this competition rules and aspects plus if you have any doubts about the contest you can clear and get all your answers from the above-mentioned site. If your friends and colleagues also want to compete on this, you can tell them to view it on the online website. In congress assam news, you can view all the above-mentioned information briefly.


What are the terms and aspects of participating in the competition?


In this competition, normal people, congress servants, and leaders can compete. The main eligibility criteria are people who are above the age of 18+ can only compete because they are the ones who can vote for the Congress members at the elections. The congress has also announced that Abroad Assam people can also compete in this contest. Also checkout list of all Miss world from India.


What the benefit is of competing on this content?


You will be thinking about how congress will get benefit through this, through this video contest people are telling their social issues and congress is the one who is posting on social media and solving their issues. It makes the people impress plus through congress assam news congress can get the votes from the people easily. Lots of people are solving their issues through this two-minute video, it makes the social media followers see, and there is a chance to get help through that plus multiple people interested to buy the iPhone, they can also get their preferred phone through the contest.

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