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Gujaratwas alwaysa majordestination for business and innovation.The state has developed variousstartup-friendly policies to fueltheentrepreneurial dreams of young entrepreneurs. Vadodara, a leadingindustrial and educationalcenterin Gujarat is also catchingupwith this burgeoningbusiness culture.The city has a lot of potentialforprofessional freelancersand entrepreneurs fromdiverse niches.

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If you arean independent contractor or manageone person in your team, finding an affordableoffice spacecan be a challenge.This can be even moreessential for companies that are starting out duetobudgetary restrictions.However,Vadodarais home tosome of the most sophisticatedcoworkingfacilities that provide world-classfacilities. From hot deskstodedicated cabinstoconference rooms and meeting roomsCoworking spaces can providean array of amenities.

Ifyou’re looking foran coworking spacein Vadodara take a look atthe following list:


Are youin search ofan affordable, centrally locatedworkplacein Vadodara?  Coworking space in Vadodara Head straight toiSpaceHubonVasna Road and check out theirmodern coworking space. Withmore than 100workstations as well as a couple ofmeeting rooms,the iSpaceHub space offersdifferent plans that are flexible to meetyourrequirements.Plug-and-play workstations offertheinfrastructure needed to kickstartyourbusiness journey.

Thefully furnished workspace is fittedwiththe best facilities,such asair conditioning, power backup parking, etc. Otheramenities likean elevator, a pantry and wheelchairpersonal lockers and lockers. are alsoreadily available.It is also greatthatthis property can beeasilyaccessed viapublictransportation.It is also one ofthose coworking spaces that remainalltime of the day.

It is also worth mentioningthat iSpaceHub ismuch more thana top coworking space locatedin Vadodara.Furthermore, it’s a placeof innovative and dynamicprofessionalsand gives you achance to collaborate withlike-minded individuals.You can also participateinvarious events, includingmentorship programs, workshops,TEDxevents, etc.

Facility: Plug-and-play workstations,ergonomic furniture, WiFi,AC, Powerbackup,Wheelchair accessibility,Kitchen, Printer&scanner,projector, Personallockers, CCTV surveillance,Mentoring and networking events.

Pricing: Starting at INR200 per hour

2. Master Space

The location is in the lively neighborhoodof Alkapuri Itis a coworkingspace featuringan energeticworkspace.You can select from variouschoices, including flexi desks,dedicated desks, private cabins as well as other amenities.Conference rooms and meeting roomsare alsoavailableonMaster Space.Additionally, it provides youwithtop-notch facilities and sophisticatedinfrastructure.

Master Space also provides you with theideal environmenttohelp you getyourcreativityflowing.Replete with ergonomic chairs andbean bags, itisan ideal blendofan office space that is corporate withthe energy of a party.Additionally, it gives youthe chance to interactandconnect withexperts from allsectors.With ratesof as low asINR50 per hour, Master Space is ideal forfreelancers, startups in the early stages as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Facility:WiFi, Air conditioning, Video recording equipment,Photocopier and printer, Projector, Meeting rooms, Personalstorage, Bean bags, Free parking, Complimentarybeverages

Pricing: Starting at INR50/hour


This coworking space inVadodara isperfect for startupswithsmall teams andindependentprofessionals. Located amidst peaceful surroundings, WRKPLACE is thoughtfully-designed to nurture your creativity and fuel your entrepreneurial dreams. virtual office Space in Vadodara   Thegreat thing about it is that thememberscan access the space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.this office space shared byVadodara.

You can choose from variousoptions for memberships, includingmonthly, weekly, hourly and yearlyplans.Furthermore, you can request apersonalized quotes based onthe needs of your. WRKPLACEprovidesshared desks,workstations with dedicated workspaces along with private offices as well asmeeting rooms.When you needa break after working forlong hours,goto thelounge on the terrace. Theonsite pantry also servesdelicious foodand coffee.

Facilities:WiFi, Air conditioning, Kitchen, Terrace lounge meeting rooms, personallockers,printer and scanner Access to parking, 24×7, Networking events & workshops

Prices: Starting at INR100/hour

4. DevX_Vadodara

In the middleof the city, onDr. Vikram Sarabhai Marg DevX_Vadodara is a cutting-edgecoworking space. Neptune Edge, the buildingwhich houses DevX_Vadodarais theonly tall building inthearea.This makes the buildinga premium attraction andthe most important point of interest.Therefore, if you’reseeking a coworking facilitywithinVadodarain order to please your customers,thiscould bethe perfect placefor you.

In addition to all the modern conveniences This pet-friendly workspacehas a high-end recreational areathat has a library andfoosball tables. DevX_Vadodaraalso provides shared accommodationfacilities and an onsiterestaurantwitha vegan menu.While the rentalishigher than average, the top-notch amenities justifytheprice.It is also renownedfor its very close-knitgroup that hosts regulargatherings, workshopsand other gatherings.

Services:WiFi, Air conditioning, Ergonomicfurniture, Printer, Projector,Conference rooms and meeting rooms.Onsite restaurant & cafe library, board games, Library, Outdoor terrace & lounge with shared accommodation, Parking for events and workshops Access 24×7, pet-friendly

Price: Starting at INR 500 per day

5. The iPlex

Ifyou’re looking to find a coworkingspace in Vadodarathat’sequipped with the most modern technology do not look further than Corprate Office in Vadodara The iPlex. Chromecast, recording studio, photo studio, VR equipment – you name it. The iPlexhas everythingunder one roof to provideyou with thebesttechnology for your start-up.It even has aauditorium that you can use to hostseminars as well as other business-related events.

It is located inAlkapuri in the Alkapuri region, thisoffice space issituated inseveral of the most well-known5-starhotels, shopping complexesandbusinesses. Thisis what makesThe iPlex one of the most sought-after premiumcoworkinglocationsin Vadodara.The facility also includesan art gallery as well as aspace for meditation toallow you to relax in between hecticmeetings, conferences, andphone calls.This shared office space inVadodarais also ideal forcreative freelancers like photographersmusicians, designers, etc.

Facility:WiFi, Air conditioning and VR equipment, greenscreen, Photo studio, Recordingstudio,on-site restaurant andcafe, accessible for wheelchairs art gallery, meditationRoom, Lounge, Freeparking, AcceleratorprogramsCommunity events, Incubator program, 24-hour access

Price: Starting at INR 10000 per month

Vadodaraoffers a rangeofmodern coworking spacesforentrepreneurs and freelancers. While someof them providemodern technology and equipment, others providean environment that is alivewith energy.Irrespective of your budget andthe size of your group, you’llhave a shared office spacein Vadodarathat is suitable for your needs.

Have youworked in acoworkingspacesin Vadodara?Let us know about your experience incomment section below.

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