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How to Find the Best Cricket Bat in UK



MRF Cricket Bat

The best cricket bats will be designed with a combination of performance and feel in mind. The pick-up of a cricket bat is one of the most important factors, so you should consider what your needs are when choosing the right one. The most expensive willow will be red, and it will be characterized by six straight grains on the face. Look for small knots or specks, but overall the playing surface should be free from blemishes.

The best cricket bats will be 545 millimetres long, with a maximum edge thickness. Some bats have a longer blade, like those used by Ben Stokes, but many other players will prefer shorter blades. The edges are thicker, ensuring that more willow is behind every shot. The spine of the bat curves towards the toe for a duck bill finish. The best bats will have these features.


The best cricket bats will have a blade that is at least 555 millimetres long. The longest blades are 545 millimetres long, while the shortest bat blades are only 445 millimetres. The spine is 65 millimetres thick. This thickness gives you more willow behind every shot. The edge is 39 millimetres thick, while the spine curves inwards. The finish is duck-bill-like, so it will enhance your swing.

The MRF Chase Master is the most affordable bat from MRF. Its massive profile is the perfect bat for English conditions. Its big edges, shoulders, and square toe will help you drive the ball with more power. The MRF Chase Master is also made of high-quality materials and comes in 10 different colours. The MRF Chasing Master is an excellent bat for a beginner who wants to test their skills in the English game.

Popular Cricket Bat

The Willow Twins are another popular cricket bat in UK. The company was founded in 1855 in East Sussex, and is the oldest and most famous cricket bat manufacturer in the UK. It has a high profile and produces more explosive hitting. It also comes in 10 different colour ways. You can also choose a style that matches your preference. It’s important to know the size of the Cricket Bat you need before buying it.

The bat is an essential accessory for the game. It helps you hit the ball with more power. The English willow bat is the best choice if you want a bat with the most power. The English willow bats are made of first-grade willow and are very durable. The GM’s pick-up index can be anywhere from one to five. In the UK, the pick-up index is rated by the player.

Best Performance and Price

For the best performance and price, the MRF bats are the best cricket bats in UK. The MRF range includes bats designed by AB De Villiers and Virat Kolhi, and it’s made of the finest English willow. The MRF ABD Elite cricket bat is a reserve edition model that is made to the highest standards, and is the best cricket bat in UK. Its design makes it the perfect bat for players who want to play a lot of fast and aggressive cricket.

The Libro cricket bat is made from English willow, which is a soft, fibrous timber. This cricket bat has a medium sweet spot and sculpted shoulders. Its rounded edges seem ideal for ground shots and the unique graphics make it a great choice for the ninth spot on our list of the best Cricket bats in UK. It is a perfect cricket bat for all-round play.

For the best performance, choose the right cricket bat for your needs. The MRF Diamond bat features an aggressive style with a traditional full blade profile. It also has a large sweet spot, so it seems to be perfect for balanced ground shots. The MRF Diamond bat also comes with a generous warranty and is a good choice for all levels of play. Its price tag is a great value for the money.

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