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Decorating with metal wall hangings – Do’s and Dont’s



Metal wall hangings are certainly one of the most beautiful and versatile wall decorations you can get your hands on. Not only do they make any room – indoor or outdoor – look stunning and stylish

, but they also stand out from the usual wall decor like pictures, photos or mirrors. They can give a real “WOW” effect to the room where they are placed.

Effect of wall hangings:

Have you ever noticed how much the decoration on the walls can change the atmosphere in a room or outdoors? Metal wall hangings have only really come into fashion in recent years,

That’s certainly because interior designers have realized how much they can enhance the atmosphere of their place. They always add a modern and interesting touch to the wall they decorate, and they are also extremely durable, especially if you put them outside.

Advantage of wall hangings:

Moreover, they have a great advantage over “normal” pictures – they are three-dimensional, thus adding dimension to your walls and connecting them with the rest of the room.

Here are some tips and tricks for decorating with metal wall hangings:


Try them out – if you leave your walls bare or just hang regular pictures, you’ll neglect a large part of your decorating space.

Never hang more than 2 – 3 pieces on the same wall, and if you have more than one, make sure they have the same theme. It’s okay to hang two geckos, but not one gecko and one butterfly. That just doesn’t go together and will instantly make your room and wall look messy.

If you hang 2 pieces on the wall, one must be smaller than the other (see previous example – one small and one large gecko), and you must hang them close to each other.

If you absolutely must have 3 pieces, they must be a “group”, for example, 3 of the same size in different colors. They should also be fairly small, otherwise your wall hanging will overwhelm the room.

Think about the best place on the wall to hang them. You may be surprised, but sometimes your wall hangings look best in a corner or off center.

If you choose metal three-dimensional wall hangings, make them the main decorative piece on your wall. Limit everything else to the bare essentials, or your chosen wall hangings won’t have the same “WOW” effect.






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