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DHA Quetta: The First-Ever Modernistic Housing Society in the City



DHA Quetta

  Famous for its historic buildings, scenic beauty, and the hospitality of the locals is the capital of Baluchistan, the marvelous city of Quetta. The city is located in a lush green valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. This city is home to a number of Pashtun families and is Pakistan’s 5th largest city. The rich blend of Baloch and Pashtun culture can be seen throughout the city, in the food, the traditions, and in their lifestyle. With time, the real estate market in this Mountainous city is also changing. The increase in population is one of the main reasons why several mega housing society projects are also being launched in this region, DHA Quetta being the latest development.  

An Analysis of DHA Projects Being Developed in Pakistan 

          With the increase in demand and need for gated societies in the real estate industry in Pakistan, the Defense Housing Authority has been issuing more housing schemes to cater to this demand in the current few years. The Housing Authority, as of now, has housing projects in almost every major city in Pakistan, Quetta being the most recent. This housing project has a phenomenal reputation in the real estate industry in the country due to the number of facilities being provided. One of the prime reasons why investors are always interested in a plot available in DHA is the full-time availability of electricity, power, and water. You may also like to learn about the Park View City.

About DHA Quetta 

         Even though the project is still in its infancy and hasn’t been fully developed yet, the business partners for this project have stated that just like every other DHA project, this one will also provide the same high-tech living facilities, tight security systems, and luxuries to all of its residents. All of these features collectively make it a profitable investment opportunity for both local and overseas investors  

After its completion, Quetta’s Defense will be the most prosperous community in the entire city. Some of the most prominent and principal features of the project are its location, the fool-proof security systems, the serene environment, and lastly the number of various facilities and amenities the project will provide to its residents.


         This housing society project is being developed in a prime location that is adjacent to National Highway 25. The developers of this project have announced that the society’s spectacular main gate will face the N 25 Highway. This urban gated community will be close to the Quetta International Airport, covering a distance of only 7 kilometers. After its development, the main city center will be located only 16 kilometers from the housing society. Apart from the International Airport, some of the other popular landmarks near the society are Sheikh Manda Station, Khalid Base Quetta, and also Belleli Town. Another feature of this location is that the society is located at a very short distance to Baluchistan’s two most beloved picnic spots, Urak and Hanna. Also lean about the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.


         The high level of security in all of DHA’s housing society projects is what makes it the most sought out society in the real estate market. The master design for the Defense Region in Quetta has highlighted a fail-safe surveillance and security system. The levels of security provided by the society will make the most secure community in the city for residents to live in. The project will have a team of dedicated guards who will patrol the area 24/7. Other teams will consist of guards present at the entrance, allowing only those who live in the society to enter.  

        The main objective behind this project is to provide a get-away to its residents who want to escape the worries of the unplanned expansion of the urban sector that causes overcrowding. The society will provide all amenities and facilities of high-end housing societies to the residents such as commercial areas, entertainment sections, parks, and academic institutions. Making an investment in this project is a good opportunity for those looking to live a high-end life in the mountainous city.  

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