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DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the Season



DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the Season

The holiday season, especially around Christmas is that special time of the year when we feel in the mood for giving presents to our loved ones. However, each year it seems more and more difficult to come up with something heartwarming, personal and unique. Buying something generic can be quite impersonal so many people try to steer away from it and think of something original for the people they care about. So, take a look at our ideas for special gifts for her, for him and also at some unisex present options. These ideas mainly include making a DIY gift basket, which is a pretty diverse and popular Christmas gift idea as you can personalize it for anyone. In addition, depending on what the person you wish to surprise likes, you can make a gift basket with almost anything. For instance, some of the most popular ideas include a gift box containing some of the finest chocolate, some of the richest-flavoured coffee, a spa essentials kit, exceptional wine, or perhaps a sangria kit. Also, you can put together winter goodies, delicious cupcakes, a fluffy pancake kit, or scented candles.


1.   Chocolate gift box

One of the best gifts that you can gift your siblings, other family members, a partner, or friends is definitely a chocolate gift box. However, this shouldn’t be just any chocolate. It should be some of the finest chocolate in the world. This is a perfect gift for a chocoholic in your surroundings. You can include some unusual combinations of flavours, sizes, packaging and shapes to make it more appealing and fun.

2.   Coffee gift box

And for the coffee addict – a superb coffee gift box. You can fill in such gift boxes with some exceptional coffee beans or high-quality ground coffee, some fun coffee additions, unusual flavours and amusing sprinkles. This is a gift box that is going to be highly appreciated by someone who reaches for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. You can make it Christmas-themed with some decorations such as a red bow or a few candy canes.

3.   Home spa gift box

Cold winter days and holidays are an ideal time for pampering ourselves with some luxurious treatments – we deserve it after the long and hard-working year. And what better way to pamper ourselves than to treat ourselves or a dear person with an at-home spa experience? Buy some spa essentials such as scented bath salts, fruity body scrub, relaxing shower gel and sheet masks as well as some soothing essential oils and put them together in a cozy basket.

4.   Wine gift box

For a wine lover, you can always put together a care basket that includes their favourite wine(s) and make it cozy in a basket, together with some handy kitchen essentials such as a kitchen towel with an amusing design or perhaps wine glasses dived in packing straw. A wine enthusiast is going to appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

5.   Sangria kit gift box

This is not a gift box per se, but you can easily modify it to be. It is similar to the previously mentioned wine gift box, except the fact that this one includes a drink dispenser filled with fruit necessary to make this delicious homemade drink, cinnamon sticks and bourbon. You can also include glasses in addition to all the ingredients.

6.   Winter goodies gift box

When thinking about wintertime, there are a few essentials everyone either has to use or likes to use. These include a hand sanitizer, a lip balm, skin moisturizer, some cute winter-themed socks, warm gloves and a hot cocoa mix. So, why not combine them all together in a ‘winter goodies’ gift box?

7.   Cupcakes gift box

Depending on the person you’re making the gift for, there are two ways you go. If the person likes munching on delicious cupcakes, then it would be the best idea to either make some cupcakes or buy some ready-made and place them in a basket. On the other hand, if the person likes baking cupcakes, then you could put together a cupcake baking kit that includes everything a person needs for baking these. Don’t forget some sprinkles and stuff for decoration!

8.   Pancake kit gift box

This is a perfect gift idea for a person who likes to make pancakes. Place all the ingredients in a basket and remember to be creative with some toppings, flavours, fillings, fruit and colours. After all, you want to give somebody an extraordinary and not a mundane pancake kit.

9.   Candles gift box

Another idea for a gift box would be a combination of scented candles. There are some high-quality candle options out there, so do your research and find some of the best and most luxurious candles you can gift someone.

There’s no better feeling than investing some time and creativity into making a DIY present for someone we care about and gifting it to them. It is even more accentuated during Christmas and holiday season.

Michael Caine is the Owner of Amir Articles and also the founder of ANO Digital (Most Powerful Online Content Creator Company), from the USA, studied MBA in 2012, love to play games and write content in different categories.

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