Email Outreach Campaigns: Ways to Avoid the Spam Folder



As a business development executive or a business owner, you may work hard for your email outreach campaigns. And you would have noticed that the fight against SPAM is on!

Even if you draft the most beautiful email templates ever, you can’t get conversions if your email lands on the spam folder.

In your marketing efforts, if your result suffers from the reason you struggle to reach the inbox space consistently, then you should keep learning specific steps to keep away from the SPAM folder.

It’s Good to be Certified

When you are on a dedicated IP space, you have to look at the certification issued by companies that validate the email deliverability. Once your mailing practices are validated, you would get a Sender Score Certified status that guarantees that your email reaches the inbox of your recipients. 

Though this service is not free, it’s worth the amount you spend as you will earn it soon by the increased conversions.

Say NO to Purchased Lists

Have you ever been advised to grow your list by purchasing an email list for a few bucks? What’s your say on such advice?

These lists will devastate your reputation and your brand’s image. You will end up marked as a spammer.

So, stop buying email lists. Instead, you can research how to find someone’s email that’s more authentic and targeted.

You should carefully find an email address, send personalized emails and offers. 

With average users receiving many emails every day, it’s essential to make sure that your mail reaches the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Beware of Spam Filters 

Be careful with texts associated with sales. When you overuse such words, you trigger the spam filter paving your way to the spam folder.

You should limit the use of words such as offer, discount, prize, free, etc. By doing so reduces the possibility of your emails landing on the junk folder.

Do not use exclamation marks on the subject lines. And even in the body of the email, you can use one exclamation, and that’s enough.

Whitelist Your Email Address

It’s essential to send your marketing emails using a reputable Email Marketing Service(EMS) instead of sending from your email account or email server.

Such reputed EMS can ask the mailbox providers to whitelist your IP address or domain. 

Stay in Touch Consistently

It is good to maintain a steady flow of communication instead of relying on massive blasts. 

You may send emails once every week or every two weeks. This frequency will ensure that your customers do not forget about you.

Keep a Check on Your Deliverability

Keeping track of email deliverability helps to establish and maintain a relationship with your prospects. There are many email tracking tools to boost your email efficiency.

If you find a deliverability issue, you need to check your adherence to the key points we have discussed so far. Despite adhering to all that’s said above, if you still face problems with your email deliverability, check with your Email Marketing Service for support and resolve the issue.

You may try out these tips. I hope each of these points can cause a significant rise in your inbox placement rate and conversion.

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