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A list of Best Event Planning apps



Event planning is a profession that seems to be full of fun and life. However, an event planner has to be keenly responsible for every bit of detail about the event to make it the best. There are a lot of major and minor responsibilities that an event planner has to look at while planning an event. Forgetting about small details can sometimes make things look incomplete. So, event planning can be a tiresome job involving a lot of effort and hard work. It might sound easy to arrange an event and get paid for it, but if you get into this profession, you will come to know the difficulties faced during the process.

Event planners who have been doing this job for large events must know the height of responsibility and accountability that is required in this job. Every member of the team has to be highly responsible for the task they are associated with. Besides, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of.

However, with the twist in technology and entrepreneurship, some mobile app development companies have come up with some fantastic event planning mobile apps. The development of such mobile apps has created a lot of convenience and sustainability in the event planning and management process.

Event planning apps have made it much simpler and comfortable for event planners to plan and arrange both large and small-sized events. No matter if you have to arrange an event for a family or you need to organize a perfect corporate event, you can take advantage of good event management mobile apps.

These are some popular event management apps to help event planning teams with planning and management of events.


Asana is an event planning apps that can make it simpler to plan events for various sizes of gatherings from 10 to 10,000 visitors. This app enables users to create tasks for the occasion with adding dates. Then they can assign different tasks among the members. With this app, users can also arrange guestlists or vendors list.

Moreover, in order to make the event hassle-free, you can create a timeline for your events. The app allows you to create schedules and to-do lists for your event. Moreover, you can also monitor those tasks on the event day via using the app.


An excellent app for inviting guests to an event is Pingg. When you are done with the prior arrangements and the time arrives to invite the guests, you can use pingg to do so. This app allows users to send invitations via email or mail to guests’ postal addresses. Moreover, users can add a gift registry to their event. Pingg allows you to manage guest lists, sell tickets, and collect funds if they are charging a fee for attendance.


Bizzabo is another useful event planning tool. This app is perfect for planning large gatherings with extensive responsibilities, duties, and complex demands. The app can also be used to market your event. This feature of this app makes it an amazing app for event organizers to collect funds.

Event planning lead can allocate duties and tasks to the team members. They can then monitor team collaboration and task completion with this app. This mobile app also lets users build websites for event registration, create emails for marketing, and other essential programs for event management.


 24me is a useful event management tool to assist event organizers with planning and management. The app contains multiple features, including calendars, to-do lists, and notes. With this app, you can streamlines events and keep tasks and schedules in the right place. You can also send you reminders for tasks if you want.

 This app can help you with reminders about bills and other essential information. For this, you might need to connect the app to financial associations, social media, and other relevant service providers. 24me is a very useful organizational system for small gatherings and events.


If you want to market your event and spread awareness about your event, Localist is an easy and simple app that can help you. It is basically an event calendar that can be used to increase event visitors and market it among the common people. With this app, you can create a shared calendar for events and show it to the people to have a look.

Localist can improve your website’s branding by ncreasing traffic to your landing pages and ultimately upturns conversions. Another interesting feature of this app is that it can be connected to Facebook. This enables interested visitors to select “interested” for the event and see if others are going or not.


For large gatherings and events, Boomset is a fantastic app for monitoring guest check-ins. This app can particularly be helpful for conference planners as they need to carefully check the attendance of members. So, this app can be helpful to ensure that all the members have attended the conference.

The app allows users to mark fast check-ins and eliminate waiting times in long queues. Boomset also features a walk-in registration option for attendees who could not be registered already for the event. This app also enables users to print badges or wristbands for the event via the website.

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