The First 3 Hours of A Day Determine Whether You Succeed or Fail



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The smart morning cycle keeps you productive and incredibly productive. The combination of work and relaxation will create a balance for your life, save you time and be productive.

The 8-hour working day model (from 9 AM to 5 PM) was born with the goal of achieving high labor productivity, but this was once true for jobs that were mostly manual labor in the past. In the world of knowledge work that we live in today, everything has changed.

The secret for 8-hour working day

People in the most productive countries in the world don’t work 8 hours a day. In fact, those are the places with the shortest working days. People in countries like Luxembourg are working about 30 hours a week (about 6 hours a day, 5 days a week) and, on average, make more money than people who work longer hours. These are all normal people in those countries. What about super-productive people?

Although Gary Vaynerchuck (an American businessman, a famous speaker) claims to work 20 hours a day, most other extremely successful people work only 3–6 hours a day. This depends on what goals you are really trying to achieve in your life.

That is because Vaynerchuk was interested to own the New York Jets. He seems to be fine, although he doesn’t spend much time with his family. This is completely normal because Gary is very clear about his priorities. However, you also have to be clear about your goals. If like most people, you may want to earn a good income, do a job you love, have plenty of space in your schedule, then this article is for you.

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Quality versus quantity

Obviously, work in a short time but the quality will always be more efficient. This means you will get work done in a short time but concentrate on work, without being interrupted by calls, texts, emails, social networks … you will be productive and efficiency is greatly increased.

The first 3 hours can make or break a productive day

According to Ron Friedman, the first 3 hours of the day are the most valuable for maximizing productivity. Right after sleeping is the time when your mind is always ready to work on thoughtful tasks. Therefore, the best time for you to do your best work is during the first three hours of your day.

What to do at the beginning of the day is to replenish your energy. Protein-rich foods keep you full longer than other foods because they take longer to digest from the stomach. In addition, protein keeps blood sugar levels stable, preventing hunger spikes.

As an author, he usually goes to the library to sort things around 6:30 a.m. Then he writes down big goals and whatever comes to mind relating to people he needs to relate to or ideas related to a project he is working on.

By 6:45, Layman started doing the work he just wrote. Unexpectedly, he can easily work for 2–5 consecutive hours without distraction. The mind is completely focused on this moment without the need for any stimulants.

From 11 am to the afternoon, it’s time for Layman to exercise. Research confirms that exercise is much better than supplementing with food. Then there’s a great mental break, where you can work a few more hours if needed.

3 habits that give you 20 more hours/week to accomplish your goals

Protect your mornings

Don’t check your social media or email until the end of 3 hours of intensive work. Your morning time should be for output (work), not input (reading news). If you do not concern your mornings, a hundred of various things will take up your time.

Guarding your mornings means you are really not reachable during certain hours. Only in the event of a serious emergency can you leave the job you are focusing on perfecting.

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Connecting mind and body

The brain is part of your body. If the body is healthier, it means the brain will function better. To maintain a good mind, you must always keep your body healthy.

The foods you eat will determine your ability to focus at work. Getting enough deep sleep is also essential for peak performance. So instead of time management, you should really focus on your energy management. Your schedule should be tailored to the time when you are most productive.

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Don’t forget to relax

Research has shown that listening to bilingual music or repeating rhymes can help increase your ability to focus on your work.

Relaxation, play is essential after hours of work to help renew and sustain your energy, both physically and mentally. In a TED Talk talk, the speaker once said: “Play leads to brain resilience, adaptability, and creativity … Nothing stimulates the brain like play.”

This workflow creates a balance just right for your work. The combination of work and relaxation will create a balance for your life, save you from stress, save time, and be productive.

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