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Five Blockbuster Web Series To Watch During The Pandemic



As the pandemic hits in 2020, it feels like life has come to a pause. Sitting at home, no parties, no outing, yawning on a couch snacking away, want to stream something, but confused? We understand your problem so well. You have landed in the right place, here we understand your problem and give a quick solution to it. Stop convincing yourself that you are going to find something good to watch on Netflix without help, rather pick one from our list and get started.

We are there to make your days a little better, here is a list of 5 amazing web series you would love to watch. The series consists of all mixed match genres, so in case you watched too many thrillers you can change to romance or so on. We are ready to show our 5 trending hit shows, let’s get started. But before that, don’t forget to bookmark the page.


The 5 Web Series To Watch Whenever You Are Stuck At Home

To maintain the protocol and all norms and rules, binge-watching can be considered as the best social distancing practice, and we follow all norms very carefully, so here are some cool flicks from zombies, end of the world to paranormal activities. This list carries terrifying and winning content, for you which you can get around at any time anywhere.


The web series revolves around a group of police who investigate as they find mysterious supernatural events in New Zealand. As per The Next Hint’s report, the series is a spin-off film of What We Do In The Shadows, released in 2014. There are altogether 3 seasons of Wellington Paranormal and 19 episodes.


If you like to watch something full of friction and horror-comedy, this can be an amazing choice for you. This documentary is about 3 traditional vampires interacting with the modern culture and world and with the other supernatural creatures. There are 2 seasons and 20 episodes, and the 3 rd one is all set to premiere by September 2nd.


Outrageous Fortune is one of those New Zealand comedy-dramas which came to be the longest-running drama series with a total of 6 seasons and 107 episodes. The exciting thing about this series is that it has taken out some unbelievable names from Shakespeare’s quotations. If you love science fiction horror and comedy this show can do them justice.


The fiction portrays relationships and friendship in a very decent way. In which the 3 best friends search life in their 20s with crazy nights, hookups, and many more adventures. The series has 1 season, which makes it a quick watch.


If you love movies that have a military life twist, nothing can be better than Space Force. This series is a workplace comedy and military fiction series which centres on a group of people allotted tasks to establish the 6th branch of the US forces.


If you are looking for the perfect show to binge-watch on weekends, here are the best five shows you won’t regret after watching. We surely have brought the best for you, and we take responsibility for your weekend. Your preference is what we all need. Comment down below and tell us more about which web series you prefer on a low-key lockdown day.



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