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Folding Knives for Outdoor Enthusiasts



For those who like to spend their leisure time outdoors in the desert settings, it is important to be prepared with a few essential forest survival tools. In any survival situation, one of the most indispensable tools is a high quality knife. There are currently a wide variety of folding knives available that will benefit any outdoor adventurer.

Modern folding knives allow hunters, fishermen, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to carry a versatile tool that is easy to transport. In the past, knives could be quite unsafe because they did not fold and had to be covered for extra protection. These days, knives can be easily folded and stored in one’s pocket. Depending on personal preference, folding knives are made with different blade compositions and numerous additional features.

When choosing your folding knife, keep in mind that it is usually not necessary to buy a blade longer than six inches. For most purposes, the blade will be four to six inches. Anything more than that will be cumbersome shieldon knives. It will be worth it not to go cheap when buying a knife. Poorly made knives will wear out quickly and have a great chance of breaking, which you do not want to give a chance to survive. Research your options to find solid and reliable folding knives.

For a blade that will last longer than it needs to be sharpened, choose one with a high carbon steel blade. However, if you are a newborn sharpener, be aware that sharpening a high carbon steel blade can be more difficult than sharpening a knife with a stainless steel blade.

Folding knives and pocket knives are equipped with one blade or several blades. Some have a blade with a simple straight edge and another with a serrated edge. Although pocket knives with multiple tools and blades can be beneficial, high quality folding knives with one blade or two blades will generally be much stronger.

The most practical outdoor folding knives will be easy to control and access, and should also be relatively light. Consider what you will use your knife for the most. Whether it’s for hunting, desert survival, or both, which is often the case, you are likely to find a folding knife that will serve you well.

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