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Guide to Pair Dining Chairs with Your Table



modern dining chairs

Want your meal memorable? Once you have picked your favorite dining table then it comes to select the perfect dining chairs that pair best with it. Luxury furniture stores in Dubai offer elegant designs of modern dining chairs. Go for what you desire. There are some suggestions to buy nicely matched dining chairs with your interior.

Dining chairs with Elevated back

If you want to set the tone of your dining room, you should create a better luxury environment with elevated back dining chairs. The additionally good thing is that the removable upholstery can be washed easily.

This style makes the dining room effortlessly versatile and smart. You are open to choosing the type of fabric you want for your comfortable meal.

Dining chairs with open back

If your dining room is tight in space and you are low in your checklist, then choose the slim and unique style open-back dining chairs. These chairs will make your sitting area more comfortable and ample.

Height of your chair

Whenever you are going to pick a chair to pair with your dining table, always keep in mind the height of your tabletop. There should be a comfortable space between the dining chair seat and tabletop for your leg stretch. It is a general estimate of leaving 30cm space for legroom to have a comfortable sitting.

The armrest of dining chairs

The modern dining chairs seem to be more finished with armless designs. The reason is that they are proposed to be placed with a dining table and the armrest may pound with the edges of the table. On the other hand, chairs with armrests are appealing with a comfortable environment when you are relaxing or reading, not at mealtimes.

Dining chair Material

While choosing the material of dining chairs, wooden chairs have everyone’s heart set on. These chairs can be used for multiple purposes such as desk chairs, relaxing chairs, and can fit anywhere.

Wood seems to be very elegant but with the passage of time, it may cause insipid color. All the things must be kept in mind while giving your dining room a more artisanal feel.

Mix and match dining chairs

While decorating your dining room look around the overall room interior and then make a mix and match appearance to evoke style. There is not a hard and fast rule to buy all similar dining chairs, you can add your own thoughts and ideas to refill the boring room with vitality.

You can make asymmetrical patterns for a more prompt and elicit appearance. The non-formal setting will make your meal area more classy. Featured mix and match design with dining table ensure a shared theme that looks contemporary.


Make your meal and family time more comfortable and winsome. Here we have discussed some of the tips and guides that will help you to choose your most preferred modern dining chairs. You can buy these chairs and customize them according to your required theme from luxury furniture stores in Dubai.

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