How do you know when your vape cartridge is empty?



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Using cartridges for vaping e-liquids or e-juice is a quick and easy way to get started. With a vape cartridge, you should not worry about the complexity of e-liquid bottles, cans, and coils. However, most vape cartridges will not provide you with any indication of insufficient vape juice. Below is how to tell when your vape cartridge is empty.

How does a vape cartridge work?

Unlike the vape pen tanks that are refilled, a cbd vape cartridge can be easily replaced with another one of the same kind when it is completely exhausted. Therefore, they are completely regarded as disposable refills. Despite being disposable, some people refill vape cartridges and reuse them.

A majority of vape cartridges are 510 threaded to facilitate connection with most vape pens or batteries. However, you can also find vape cartridges that feature magnetic connection technology. 

How to know your vape cartridge has enough vape juice or e-liquid

The best way to know when your vape cartridge is running out of vape juice is knowing how it feels when it is full. Usually, when the vape cartridge is full, it is heavy when you carry it in your hand. If you put it to your ear, you can hear the liquid inside. If you lean it against the light or the manufacturer adds an observation window on the side of the cartridge, you can even see the liquid inside. Depending on the type of battery or vaporizer you will use with the vape cartridge, the vape juice’s flavor is usually stronger when the cartridge is full. In addition, when you attach the battery or vaporizer and get a hit, the vapor is intense and full of flavor.

How to know your vape cartridge is empty

Unlike a full vape cartridge, when the cartridge is low, there are several signs that you need to pay attention to. It will be lighter in your hand, and there will be a lot less liquid inside. If you put it under light, you may not see any e-liquid in it. Some manufacturers put an observation window for their cartridges so that you do not have to hold the cartridge against the light.

Furthermore, when you vape from a low cartridge, any flavor from it will disappear and slowly be replaced by a more pungent smoky smell. Finally, when you take your hits, you may smell a strong burnt smell, which will undoubtedly tell you that there is no more delicious vape juice in the vape kit. In addition, cloud production will be very small instead of being huge and complete.

What is a dry hit?

Taking a draw on your vape kit and looking forward to enjoying your favorite e-juice, but getting hit by an unpleasant, burnt taste and totally unpleasant throat is the worst experience with vaping. Whether you have or have not experienced this situation, you will never like it. When a dry blow occurs, it will spoil your taste of the e-liquid, irritate your throat, and will almost certainly damage your wax vaporizer coil.

 The primary cause of dry hits is empty or exhausted vape cartridges. Once powered, the coil or heating element in your vaporizer will heat the e-liquid and turn it into the vapor that you will inhale. Despite the cartridge being empty, the coil will still be hot as long it is active. As a result, when you pull a draw, you are most likely to experience a dry hit.

Factors that determine how long a vape cartridge can last.

The period on which a vape cartridge can last is dependent on three major factors which include:

  • Type of user – (a vape cartridge will drain faster for a heavy user than for a casual user).
  1. Type of e-liquid/ concentrate – (e-liquids/ concentrate are usually classified depending on the type of extract. Each unique extract has its viscosity. A highly viscous liquid or concentrate will take longer to get exhausted than a lowly viscous e-liquid/ concentrate.
  2. Temperature/ voltage settings – (nowadays, a majority of vaporizer batteries feature variable voltage/ temperature settings. These settings enable the user to customize the hits. If you a vape kit at a high temperature setting it is likely to last for a shorter period than when you use the cartridge at a lower temperature setting)


Key takeaway

If you are a beginner you should always have a spare vape cartridge, in case one runs out sooner than expected. Once you are familiar with your vaporizer unit, you will know how many draws you can get from the full vape kit before it becomes empty and needs a replacement.

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