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How Google Ranks Your Website in 2020



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SEO (search engine optimization) in 2020 has taken quite a few turns that are changing the trends of online searches. What was once a vague user experience and an opportunist environment for website makers is now a level-playing field. We are witnessing one of the redefining eras of search engine trends and user-based web surfing. The competition is getting tougher but from a user’s perspective, the results are getting better. An example of this can be how SEO in Dubai is beginning to get more prominence and competitive.

However, that’s not just for Dubai. We are seeing companies and SEO experts changing trends globally. Here are a few things you should know about how SEO is working in 2020:


According to Google, content is one of the most important things that influence your ranking. It should be credible and provide value to the readers at the same time. Google takes this factor into account when ranking a website. That means you need to focus on the relevance and authenticity of the content that you’re going to be presenting to your users.

Google has focused its attention toward the overall user experience that is provided to the millions of people that perform searches on the engine every minute. In order to give them the best results for their query, the search engine is now compelling website makers to produce quality content. This has eliminated the chances of websites that offer invaluable content to rank on top. Now, unless your content satisfies the specific need of the user, it won’t appear on their screen.

To make good content, you need to make sure that it’s highly relevant and devoid of plagiarism. Moreover, since the SERPs are accommodating quick answers and featured snippets, the content needs to be engaging. If it’s interactive and attractive enough, only then will the user be compelled to open your website in order to know more.

Website Structure and Interface

Now that you have a user present on your website, the next thing is to make sure that they stay there. This is another key factor that plays an important role in determining your website’s value. Until your website can ensure user experience and satisfaction and interaction, it won’t be able to retain visitors. The way to accomplish this is to make a website that’s user-friendly and promises an entertaining experience.

Some people think that stuffing it with written content is a good way to go about it. But that’s where you need to think out of the box and come up with creative ideas. Some of these ideas can involve incorporating and embedding video content to engage users. Moreover, a good website structure that has integrity and value in the eyes of the search engines will need to be easy to navigate. This means that you’ll need to be creative in how well you place your internal links and retain interest.

An interesting trend that is picking up pace these days is the use of AI chatbots. The use of chatbots allows you to engage your visitors. In addition to this, with creativity, you can also generate leads by making intelligent conversations.


To rank for a specific industry or niche, you need to show that you are worthy of being on top. Not only does it mean you need to be credible, but this also means you need to be validated enough to be on top. There’s a reason why top sites such as Wikipedia always come up in the top rankings. That is because they are cited and linked back to by millions of websites. When your website is linked back to by other websites, you get more points for a metric known as Domain Authority. This DA plays an important role in ensuring you have an authoritative identity in your specific industry.

You can reach out to various sites and social platforms in order to get backlinks. The primary goal is to establish an identity that is trusted across the industry. Social influencers are a great way to get many backlinks and mentions. It’s crucial to note that mentions on social platforms also factor in towards providing you credibility.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the major changes that everyone should know about the latest SEO trends. You can consult or hire an agency to provide you with the best digital marketing tips and tricks that work in the current era.

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