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How Preschools Raise Confident Toddlers



Your children’s future academic success isn’t solely based on what they understand, the amount of information they can absorb, or their grades. Their confidence level also plays into that. Confident kids often demonstrate better performance at school than kids with less confidence. If you want to improve your children’s academic performance as well as their sense of self, then choose the right school for them. Here’s why that choice matters in the long run.

Not All Fun and Games

Preschools seem like fun places—and they are, for the most part. However, that doesn’t mean that all preschools are the same. Many of the best ones have curriculum designed to help the kids achieve different learning milestones and goals. By choosing the best international preschool in Kuala Lumpur, your child can have fun and learn at the same time. Doing well in these activities helps your kids develop self-confidence.

Learns to Make Decisions 

Another thing that helps breed confidence is the ability to make a decision. Preschool is one of the first places where your kids are put in situations where they are required to make a decision for themselves. They learn to decide who their friends are, whether to follow the teacher or not, to ask a question or answer one, and more. Their decision-making capabilities build up confidence in themselves.

Makes Art in School

There’s nothing like self-expression to help the kids find their voice. Art can make them feel like they’ve been seen or heard for the first time and it can boost their confidence levels as well. By enrolling them in a school that encourages child-centric activities, the students are able to discover and develop their talents.

Improves Their Skills

Say, your kids love to cook or run. They love to perform or act out scenes from the bedtime stories that you read aloud to them. Check if the preschool has extracurricular programmers that they might attend. Allowing your kids to attend classes that provide extra or in-depth training in the subjects they already love will help them hone their skills and develop them even further. As they get better, their confidence levels will rise, too. Self-confidence often comes from knowing that they’ve done an excellent job. With your children’s accomplishments, you can expect their self-confidence to grow and improve as well.

Find Out How to Win 

Another way that preschools help kids develop their self-confidence is through games. For some kids, this is where they discover how it feels to win at anything for the first time. It’s a wonderful feeling, one that makes them feel like they’re on top of the world. That helps build their confidence in what they can do, what they are capable of.

Manage Defeat

They’re not going to win all the time, though. When they lose, your kids will feel the crushing blow of defeat. That doesn’t seem like the kind of experience that will help them gain self-confidence. However, with the right teacher, someone who knows how to show the kids that loss is always an opportunity for them to try the next time, that it’s never the end, and that any form of suffering or defeat isn’t useless but rather beautiful as long as they learn something from it. That kind of mindset will help your kids develop the perspective that loss isn’t the end in any way. The encouragement they can get from an excellent teacher can motivate them and improve their self-confidence even more, even after what could be regarded as a devastating loss or blow.

Handle Responsibilities

Another way to build up self-confidence in kids is to assign them tasks and responsibilities. By making them a part of the project, teachers give them a sense of value. Whether that is as simple as asking them to erase something from the board or to take care of an item in class, the kids learn how it feels for someone to depend on them. That means they can’t slack off. They need to get the job done and done right. The knowledge that someone trusts them enough is what helps boost their self-confidence. The thought that their teacher picked them out from everyone else to handle that all-too-important task means that they have somehow earned that right and that helps their confidence.

Be an Example 

Teachers often love to mention students as examples in class. Some do this to encourage the others to do well, too, since they know they might get their names mentioned in class the next time. As for kids who outperform their peers, being mentioned in class is a nice way to give them distinction and recognition they deserve. By setting them up as an example of what other students should aspire to, you help them become more confident.

Learn more about how preschools improve your children’s confidence levels. Start by getting them into the right school.

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