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 Nowadays, millet flour cookies are very much common among people and one can also very easily make them at home. Millet is considered to be a grain which is round in shape and can come in several colours for example white, red, yellow or grey. The best part is that one can very easily make cookies and can avail all the benefits associated with the nutrients present in millet. Some of the nutritional benefits of the millet are mentioned as follows: 

 -Millet is considered to be very rich in terms of protein and is considered to be a great source of protein for vegetarians.

 -Millet is very rich in Phosphorus, potassium and iron

 -Finger millet is considered to be very rich in terms of calcium which is 30 times richer in comparison to rice. 

 –Millet has very high fibre content which makes it very easily digestible for kids as well

 Following is the recipe to make millet cookies at home very easily:

 The ingredients which are required for the millet cookies recipe are:

 Individuals will require 1/4 cup whole-wheat flour and 1 teaspoon of milk. Along with this, the individuals will require a 1/4 cup of butter and 1/4 cup of brown sugar. Now comes the main ingredient which will be the 1/4 cup of millet flour.

 The instructions to make cookies have been mentioned as follows:

 The individuals, first of all, have to preheat the oven at approximately 350° Fahrenheit and along with it, the individuals have to line a baking sheet with the parchment paper. Then one is supposed to powder the brown sugar by blending it in the blender and one should also sift it through the fine-mesh sieve. After these millets, flour, wheat flour and the powder sugar have to be whisked together. Then comes the most important concept of adding the softened butter and stirring it properly until the whole batter becomes very smooth. After this, the milk has to be added to soften the dough further and at this point of time, one has to be very much careful because adding too much of milk can lead to issue or adding less of the milk and also for several issues with the dough of the cookies. Then the dough has to be rolled into small balls so that they can be flattened with the palm of the individual. 

Then these kinds of cookies have to be prepared with the baking sheet and for this purpose, one has to bake it for 10 minutes by watching carefully. These kinds of cookies bake very fast and in case the cookies are ready than the edges will always turn light brown. At this point of time, the individuals have to cool it on the wire rack and then one can store it in to be an airtight container to enjoy it for several days.

 Hence, the recipe of millet cookies is very easy and one can very easily make it at home. For all those people who do not want to do such efforts, another option is to buy millet cookies online very easily.  

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