How to Compare Different Premium Credit Cards



Premium Credit Cards

Premium credit cards are credit cards that have a higher annual fee than many other credit cards on the market. If you’ve already decided that a premium credit card is for you, you may want to find a way that you can compare different premium credit cards. No matter what credit card is most interesting to you, there are a number of axes that you can compare premium credit cards on. Here are four ways you can compare potential premium credit card options.

1. Introductory Bonus

The first thing to look at is the introductory bonus. Introductory bonuses can give you a great starting point when you’re interested in a premium credit card, because these introductory bonuses are often huge. The Chase Sapphire Reserve promotion for newcomers is 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which can be worth up to $750 dollars when you book through the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal. That’s a lot of money to put toward your next trip.

2. Annual Fee

When you’re comparing premium credit cards, you’ve already accepted that you’re going to pay a pretty hefty yearly fee. However, how much are you comfortable with paying? If you’ve examined two different credit cards and you like both the same amount, but one is $100 less than the other, that may factor heavily into your choice. The annual fee probably won’t be what makes or breaks your decision, but it’s something to pay attention to.

3. Annual Credits and Benefits

Alongside your annual fee, you’ll also want to look at annual credits and general credit card benefits. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is $550 per year, but it also gives you a $300 annual travel credit. That means if you use the credit, you’re really only paying $250 per year for the card. These annual credits can decrease the amount you’re actually paying, which can make a premium card feel much more accessible and much less difficult to afford.

4. Rewards Rate

The rewards rate of any credit card is important to look at before you decide to sign up. However, variable rewards can also make this more difficult to determine. Many credit cards, especially premium credit cards, offer a rewards rate that can differ depending on the retailer you’re using and the category of the purchase itself. Check not only what the highest rewards rates are, but also which categories may give you extra benefits.


If you’re interested in a premium credit card, you probably already know that premium benefits will be helpful for your family. However, not all premium credit cards are the same, and comparing different cards is still important. There are a number of factors that may play into which premium credit card you choose, but these are four of the most important factors. Make sure you’re thinking about all three of these elements when you’re trying to assess different premium credit cards and determine which one will be the best option for your family.

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