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How to Decide if You Should Take Your Car to a Repair Shop



Seattle-based auto startup Wrench will take on the traditional auto industry with its mobile mechanics who are available on demand. Now , it appears like the traditional auto-care industry is interested in joining.

Mobile Auto Repair Mechanics

mobile mechanic Washington DC The following day, Wrench announced that Bridgestone Americas had made a 10 percent minority stake in the company. The two companies didn’t disclose how much the 10 percent stake is worth. Wrench raised money in an the previous $20 million Series C round in November 2022.

The 90-year-old Japanese firm Bridgestone is the largest tire maker in the world. It established a greater U.S. presence after it purchased American competitor Firestone in the year 1988. While it is primarily known for its tires Bridgestone also sells other automobile components, makes bicycles, is a sponsor of sports events, and has over 2200 automotive service centers owned by the company.

How to Determine if You Should Take Your Car to repair shop

Bridgestone mobile mechanic Tucson Arizona Bridgestone plans to use these complementary services to extend its presence in the auto-service sector. The announcement specifically highlights Wrench’s on-site automotive maintenance, roadside and towing, vehicle detailing , and used-car inspection services..

The two companies are planning to start offering partnership programs to their customers later this year. You can also get an Wrench referral bonus from Bridgestone retail stores, and use Wrench to schedule appointments at Firestone Complete Auto Care shops.
“With the rise of e-commerce and on-demand services, consumer desires for car maintenance and car care are evolving,” Brian Goldstine, vice president of mobility solutions at Bridgestone Americas, said in a statement. “Wrench together with our company-owned retail stores and affiliated dealer partners, will result in a truly world-class service platform that provides consumers with trusted automotive service with added convenience and flexibility.” mobile mechanic Wilmington North Carolina for consumers

Bridgestone Tire Company invests in Mobile Mechanic Startup

Ed Petersen, Wrench CEO explained that Wrench provides a technologically-advanced solution that combines convenience with the full range of automobile maintenance and repair services. “Our collaboration with Bridgestone will help accelerate the process of digitalizing the industry. Both businesses will be able to increase their customer offerings and grow our technology and vehicle care expertise together.

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