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How To Get Rid Of That Irritating Android And iOS Meet Tab In Gmail?



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We saw Google merge the Meet video conferencing application into the Android and iOS Gmail app a few days back. One can see a large tab at the bottom of the post-integration displaying ‘Mails’ and ‘Visit.’ Today, though, Meet tab of Google is finding its way to the mobile Gmail app with two tabs that should finally appear (if they haven’t already) at the bottom of the screen: one labeled “Email” and one labeled “Meet.” The issue here isn’t only that you’re being forced to use a different video conferencing device when all you want to do is update the inbox, but it also takes up bandwidth, extending the bottom margin. Although this is one of the ways Google can drive collaboration on Meet and make office video calls simpler, for others it may just be distracting. Luckily, both Android vs iOS have a way of removing it. Just follow through on those steps. On Android: Step 1: Inside Gmail, press the top-left corner of the three-line Hamburger menu. Phase 2: Scroll down, and press the button ‘Settings.’ Stage 3: Click on the account where you don’t want to see the ‘Visit’ tab until opened. Step 4: Disable ‘Show the Meet tab for video call’ option under the ‘Meet’ subsection. On iPhones (iOS): Till Step 3, the method stays the same. Step 4: Remove the same alternative under the ‘General’ subsection. And finished. It’s worth noting that you will follow these procedures with each of your accounts because there’s no way to uninstall it at once for all accounts. Checkout the best game app development company. How the ‘Meet’ tab does is open a new page where users can either launch a new meeting or attend an existing one. In case you skipped it, the video calling application for Google Meet was limited to members of G Suite until last month when Google revealed it would cover all devices. Meet convergence aside, Gmail plans to add another feature – identification icons – to its website. Last year Google joined Brand Indicators for Message Identity or BIMI to improve email spam detection technologies. Currently, the company plans to launch a new feature in GSuite called authentication logos that will incorporate brand logos to verify. Follow my blog Journals Report. Conclusion: And it is! You’ve regained some space on your Gmail account and now you can use Zoom or whatever video conferencing feature you want without Meet by Google constantly being reminded. If you use Google Meet daily, you should keep the tabs as it is. However, if you don’t frequently use Meet and need more room to read mails, then there is a way to uninstall the link. Here we explain it.
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