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How To Light Up A Wet Redgum Firewood



How To Light Up A Wet Redgum Firewood

Do you find it difficult to lighten up a wet firewood? If yes, then you’re on the right page. With the best firewood suppliers, the whole process, from picking the right firewood to firewood delivery, buying cheap firewood on sale, becomes easier. 

Most of the time, it happens that the firewood gets wet from the snow, rain or the wet flooring wherever the wood is stored. If all the hope of lightning it has vanished, you must follow the steps given below – 

  • Start the fire with dry wood – If the firewood that you need to cook food on gets wet, then you must start a fire with the kindling or the other dry wood and then place the wet one on the top. It will smoke for a bit initially, however, it will dry out after a few minutes and then will begin to burn normally as it’s expected. 
  • Chip away the outer layer i.e. the ones that damp – The moisture and the water will only penetrate the outer layer of hardwood, so, in that case, you can use a hatchet or a knife to chip away the wet layer of the firewood. You can also chop it into the tiny pieces to expose the dry interior of the wood to the flames. 
  • Use the heat firelighters – Even though the wood gets wet, with all the constant flame and heat, the wet wood will definitely catch fire. Heat firelighters are one of the easiest ways to light and come in the convenient pop-out tray. All you need to do is place them under the wet redgum firewood so that it catches fire. This will happen without the need for flammable substances or liquids. It is not advised to use liquids like kerosene or gasoline to start the fire because these are quite dangerous to use especially when the wood is wet. 

Sydney Firewood – The Best Firewood Suppliers 

Looking for the ‘firewood near me’? Sydney Firewood is here to help you out in the selection of the best quality firewoods. It’s one of the leading family-owned businesses that provides superior quality and legally sourced firewood. They have been operating in the industry for about 35 years. The enterprise was initially based on the prospects, however recently has moved to the rural settings to continue the supply of firewood to the whole nation. 

With us, you will have the most amiable team members to support you and guide in terms of firewood assistance. For your information, let us tell you that Sydney Firewood is also a member of The Firewood Association of Australia. There are various benefits of purchasing firewood for sale from the firewood association members. There will be guarantees like sustainable and legally sourced wood at your doorsteps, compliance checks on the wood supply, compliance within the national code of practice for the firewood suppliers, correct moisture content that is less than 25%, correct tonnage, tightly stacked, the volume of wood, and so on. 

Wood Cleaning Services Also Available 

You would be delighted to know that the wood cleaning services are also available here. If you want your wood to be cleaned, it will go through a trommel screening process that will eliminate all the unwanted materials, thus leaving the clean wood behind. The success rate of the cleaning service is around 98-99%. 

There are a variety of woods available in a large quantity. So, you need to select the best wood types as per your region. In Western Australia, Wandoo and Jarrah are the types of wood that are considered one of the best. In the region of Tasmania, there’s a wood called Brown Peppermint, which is considered the best. Various other areas like South Australia, Southern NSW, and Victoria, where River Red Gum is the type of wood that is considered by the people. It all depends on the purpose for which the wood is being used. 

Redgum is a type of firewood that is outstanding in the slow combustion heaters and does not even burn with a lot of flames. So, there are some other species of firewood that are preferred for the open fires, most probably. Each of the firewood species has their own qualities like the burning rate, flame, ash generation, coal that relates to the wood density and the chemical composition of the tannins and so on. The best thing to do always is to try out a range of the available species in order to pick the most suitable mix of the firewood. 







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