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How to Make Profitable Black Friday Sales?



The overall sales on Black Friday alone reach billions of dollars. It is therefore a great opportunity for merchants to boost their sales and improve their overall revenue. Unique ideas and marketing campaigns are designed to drive more traffic and sales during this time of the year.

In this blog, we will discuss some strategies that work like a charm to drive sales. Let’s get started.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is basically the Friday after American Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas holidays.  People usually visit stores to shop for themselves and their families during this period. Also, merchants take the opportunity and markdown prices to drive more sales.

This tactic quickly became a trend and companies started capitalizing on it. Black Friday sale is now a four-day shopping event. It is the most awaited shopping season for both customers and merchants.

How to Make Black Fridays More Profitable?

There are no set rules.  As a retailer or distributor, you are free to entice the customers as you wish. But online as well as offline Black Friday marketing is important to generate leads and achieve your goals. Here are some tactics that work wonderfully in attracting customers.

  1. Send Emails with Coupons

Email marketing is a tried and tested way of bringing the customers’ attention to your products. Contact previous customers and provide VIP discount codes with expiry dates. It will refresh your brand in the customer’s mind.

Be creative with your emails and use a personalized approach to pitch the customers. Send promotional emails to potential prospects. Provide an overview of the products and offer special discounts for first orders to drive them to take action. Use “Call-to-Action” buttons and ask them to subscribe to your promotions.

  1. Hourly Deals

Hourly special deals  are a great way to entice the customers to take a purchase action instantly. It is a type of limited time offer. This approach encourages customers to spend right away. Updated deals for each hour keep the customers engaged with you big time.

For example, you can offer 40% off on a specific collection for one hour and 30% for another set of products for the next.

  1. Partner with Influencers

The market trends are changing and social media influencers have a huge impact on the business. Their compliments can help drive sales effectively. Collaborate with an Instagram or YouTube influencer.

Send your promotional packages. Ask them to review the products and offer special discount codes for the followers. This promotion tactic is very powerful as it generates leads and bring in new customers.

  1. Create Viral Hashtags

Make the most of social media to promote your brand. Hashtags are a new way of creating a trend. Use special Instagram and Twitter hashtags to create hype around your brand. Employ simple hashtags as well. This will allow you to find customers  who are specifically looking for sales and discounts.

  1. Create Special Gift Packs

Gifts are a great way to bring in new customers. It helps first-time  shoppers find you and shop from you.

Try creating product bundles and name them. For example, you can name the product set as “Gifts for sports-lovers”, “Gifts for Bride-to-be” or “Bundle of Joy for Best Friends” and so on. These keywords when searched will bring the customers to your shop.

Create blog posts on your sites providing gift ideas. Optimize the blogs according to SEO techniques. Feature the articles on your homepage or other sites. Link your products to the blogs to maximize sales.

  1. Invest More in Advertising

Increase your ad spend near the Black Friday season. Pitch the customers through Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. More advertisement means more visibility and hence more sales. Optimize the advertisements and allocate more budget for marketing in the sale season.

  1. Give Away Gifts with Every Purchase

Offering gifts and points is a great way to entice customers. Give away gifts and coupons to the customers with every purchase during the Black Friday sale. Market the offer and show the products with free gifts on the homepage to get attention. Offer points and mystery discounts to the customers. It adds fun to the buying experience.

Ready, Get Set, Sell!

Black Friday is a great way to improve your sales, brand visibility, and earn customer loyalty. Take the opportunity and make the most of the sale season. Use unique and engaging pitches to ring the customers in. Extend your sales from Black Friday and enhance your revenue. Good Luck!

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