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How to monitor and record Android screen?



How to monitor and record Android screen?

Android cellphone devices are popular these days and everyone loves to get their hands on the latest devices with different colors, specs, and many more. People of all ages are using digital phones like children, twins, teens, and adults. Therefore, there are groups of people that are looking forward to monitoring and record the android cellphone, and the activities happened particularly on cellphone devices.

 The reasons behind the monitoring and screen recording on android are number of; therefore you need to get your hands on the android monitoring app. Before going into the details, get to know about those who want to monitor the cellphone screen.

Who wants to monitor and record the android screen?

Two communities desperately want to track cellphone devices; one is parents that want to know every activity happen on the kid’s mobile devices. The second one is the employee’s community and they want to protect the business from rogue employees equipped with business owned phones.

Parents have reservations over their kid’s cellphone usage and inappropriate activities like online dating, access to adult content, and last but not least encounters with online predators. Therefore, screen recording on android has become necessary for parents and employers.

What is a cellphone screen recording on android app?

It is one of the best applications in the business these days that you can use on your children and employees’ mobile devices connected to the internet. Furthermore, you can get access to the online web portal and use its features best for parental monitoring and to keeping tabs of your employees in working hours.

 You can use features like screen recording, call logs, call recording, screenshots, IM’s social media, IM’s call recording, and internet history. Furthermore, users can use remote tracking features that empower you to block the internet, text messages, and you can restrict incoming calls remotely.

You can easily install Android tracking software on the target device without someone knowing, but you have to have physical access because remote installation is not possible yet. For more details about the features, functionality, and technical issues you can talk with the customer support center.


It is compatible with all kinds of smartphones, and with gadgets like tablets running with Android operating systems. Furthermore, you can monitor and track android up to version 10 secretly and remotely after installation.

How to install Android tracking software?

If you want to track someone’s cellphone screen and other activities happening on the phone, then you need to get your hands on a cellphone screen recorder and other features. You just need to visit the official webpage of the cell phone tracker app for android. Once you are on the webpage then get the subscription online.

Furthermore, you can get the credentials via email, and you can get the password and ID. Now get the physical access on the target device and complete the setup on the target device. Now you can use the credentials and get access to the online web portal from where you can get the tools to monitor and track the android device screen.

Use phone surveillance app to monitor & track android screen

Live screen recording

Users can remotely get access to the target device using a web control panel and activate the screen recording on android. Furthermore, you can record short videos of the screen and you can easily manage to monitor chrome browser, default browsers, SMS, and email activities via recording cellphone screen and send the recorded videos to the online web portal.


Users can remotely capture and record screenshots of the target device by scheduling plenty of screenshots on the target device.

Call recording

You can record live android phone calls for digital parenting and employee monitoring software. You can record and listen to the live incoming calls and outgoing and save the data on the dashboard.

Email tracking

Users can monitor sent and receive emails on the target device alongside the attached files with an email tracking app.

IM’s social media

Users can remotely get access to social messaging apps and get logs of messaging, conversation, voice and video calls, multimedia sharing, and voice calls.

Surround recording

Users can record surround sounds and conversations and capture images of the surroundings by taking control over the MIC and cameras with a surround recording app.


Parents and employers can easily monitor and record the android cellphone screen of kids and employees for an online parenting and for employees tracking activities with screen recording on android software.

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