How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Damage?



Hardwood Floors

Let’s face it, hardwood floors exude elegance and sophistication. Having some type of hardwood floor in your home doesn’t only show cleanliness, but they make your home look and feel like a million-dollar-worth mansion. No matter if your home came with this fantastic feature, or if you with time decided to install hardwood floors, protecting and maintaining them adequately is crucial to a long and beautiful life. Many people reckon, though, that keeping up with a regular routine to protect those beautiful floors is a tiresome and demanding task, however, this is far from the truth. If you were to implement these following factors, you would be able to safekeeping your hardwood floors from damage and numerous repairs and make them last for decades, if not more.

When cleaning avoid using too much water

Regular cleaning is the best way to protect your hardwood floor from damage. However, this implies using soap and water, and moisture is hardwood flooring’s number one enemy. Water and moisture with time make the floors crack and open up. As the water slowly seeps into the wood, it can cause long-turn damage. In order to protect hardwood floors and still keep up with regular hygienic floor maintenance, you need to properly dry the cloth and then slowly and thoroughly clean the floors. Don’t use too much detergent or other cleaning products and, if necessary, wipe the floors afterward with dry cloths. Above all, make sure that there are no leakages or spills.

Place area rugs or mats

Hardwood floors can perfectly blend with any furniture set, home décor, as well as rugs and mats. Hence if you strive to protect your hardwood floors and at the same time, you wish to upgrade the value of your home you can place quality rugs and mats. Rugs help protect your hardwood floors from scratches caused by furniture, heels, energetic pets, and children. On the other hand, if you prefer a minimalistic option, you could buy a quality floor mat and place it under or in front of a chair or sofa. A good mat will cushion the feet of the furniture and in that way, you would protect your floors when you push or pull that piece of furniture. Only make sure that you place rugs and mats after the hardwood floor finish is fully hardened.

Avoid pushing and dragging furniture

Whenever you wish to redecorate your home, very often homeowners want to rearrange the furniture. This basic but very practical change can make a huge difference in your home’s interior appearance. Practical as it may seem, moving furniture can significantly damage your hardwood floors. As you need to push or drag sofas and chairs, you may leave stains, markings, and scratches all over the flooring.  Therefore, if you strive to protect your hardwood floors from damage when redecorating, you would need to live all the furniture pieces. In case of heavy items, it would be advisable to ask for assistance or hire professionals.

Use gentle cleansers and produces

As already mentioned, it’s not very smart to mop the hardwood floors, but rather use a semi-dried clot to sweep the floors. But you need to keep up with adequate learning procedures in order to protect the hardwood floors from damage, and the safest and most efficient way to do so is by using quality and safe floor cleaners. You will find an abundance of cleaning products on the market that claim to be utterly safe for hardwood floors, but the reality is that many of them can cause more damage to the floors if used repeatedly and inadequately. What happens is that most cleaners tend to strip off the hardwood’s finish and dull the shine of your hardwood. For that matter, always check with the manufacturer to determine what cleaners are safe for your floors. Also, you can contact a flooring professional and get a piece of advice on what kind of cleaners should you be using in order not to damage the floors. Only bear in mind that you should avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia and vinegar as these are highly abrasive acidic substances that will etch the floor with time.

Minimize the direct sunlight exposure

Certainly, you would like for the gorgeous sun rays to shine on your glorious floors, however, long sunlight exposure can change the color and damage your hardwood floors over the course of many years. What’s more, the sun’s UV rays can contribute to the gapping and the potential cupping of the boards. The key is to minimize the amount of direct, intense sunlight reaching your hardwood floors coming from low-privacy windows. This is relatively easy to do, all you need to do is use curtains, blinds, or patio awnings. All of those items filter out sunlight effectively. If the hardwood floor gets damaged due to sunlight exposure, very likely you would need to thoroughly sand the entire floor or even replace some boards in order to restore the previous color hue.

Use slippers and keep hard items and toys away

Even though this sounds like a very basic and obvious thing to do, it’s actually an utterly vital step into keeping your hardwood floors safe and protected in the long run. If you are not fond of walking around barefoot in your home, you could either use slippers or simply pay attention to what kind of shoes you wear. Walking in high heels is not advisable at all as any type of heels act like tiny hammers and can leave nasty marks and holes on the hardwood. You can use a woven basket to store slippers for the guests, and at the same time, you can use a nice basket to store kids’ toys. Try not to buy or have hard toys, and if you, try to get toys with rubber wheels or place some cushioned pad on the stroller, for instance.

All in all, the most important thing to remember is that you need to keep your hardwood floors clean at all times to maintain their durability for years to come. In all other cases, try to incorporate the above-mentioned tips and you would surely protect your floors from damage.


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