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How to Style Celeste Ear Jacket and Studs and Hoop Earrings



Among all the earrings, ear jackets have got a lot of attention to the latest trend. They immediately alter the appearance of an earring. They can turn basic studs into jewellery with bold ears. They are great for making a style statement and even changing the look’s vibe, although they are very subtle. From minimalist to bold and chunky, there are many varieties of ear jackets. Everyone loves ear jackets because without breaking the bank, they add several new accessorizing possibilities.

How to style it?

For any woman who wants to better her look, the celeste ear jacket trend is truly a must-have. And the possibilities for wearing the trend are immense. The limits are just the kind of jacket and the jewel pieces you choose. For an edgy, funky, or glam appearance, pair ear jackets with other earrings.

  • Combine ear jackets with other earrings for an edgy, funky, or glam look.
  • Pair a chain jacket with studs to create dangles.
  • You can either go for a fashion-forward mixed metal look or combine the metals.
  • A circle-like look can enhance a simple single designer earring studs jacket with pearl. For a work-appropriate look, add a semi-precious stone.
  • Build a dramatic look or add some movement to a hoop stud earrings pattern.
  • The trend looks best when you get a free view of your ears. This involves cutting your hair short. Pin your hair half up when you have long hair, make a messy ponytail, a braid, or go for a sophisticated up-do. The aim is to build the stage for your beautiful pieces to show off.

Button and Hoop earrings

Like how the hoops have been in the trend for a long time, the button earrings are coming back. Studs are the true staples of any accessory lover’s jewellery box, characterized by an earring that sits on the ear lobe instead of hanging from it. They are typically the first type of earrings that any woman would possess. They don’t get trapped like chandelier earrings in flowing manes and don’t draw as much attention as hoop earrings.

How to style it?

With working outfits for a super trendy & dressy look

You certainly want to feel confident, sophisticated, and well put together when going to work. Well, sometimes this can be time-consuming, and we all know how busy it can be. If you dress up your ordinary work clothes by accessorizing button or hoop earrings, though, then you will end up with a trendy look in seconds.

Wear for a cute and feminine look

Along with your feminine dresses, you can still decorate your ears with discreet yet sparkly and girly button studs. There are loads of small hoop earrings, too, so you can easily find the design that goes with your style.

Minimalist for a girly casual look

The minimalistic trend is here to stay, so hurry up and get a pair of minimalist studs or small hoop earrings for yourself. They have an almost invisible style, but they are pretty sleek and modern when you take a close look at them.

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