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Business Conference

Planning a business conference on a large scale can be very time-consuming and challenging. It’s especially complicated when you plan to include people from all around the world in which case not everyone is able to attend in person. However, there are perfectly practical ways to organise a successful business conference and allow access to attend the event to anyone no matter from what part of the world they are. By incorporating streaming services into your schedule you can easily stream your conference and allow all your guests to be virtually present at your event. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Plan ahead

If you want to organise a successful business conference you need to be ready to start planning way ahead of time. Your first task is to do your research and make a plan based on that. What would be the goal of this business conference? What is the conference going to be about? What topics do you plan to cover? Who is going to be invited to this conference? What are you looking to gain from this event? These are just some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself. The answers you give will help guide you through the process of planning this business conference. Also, it’s important to start planning on time to give yourself some room for potential mistakes or mishaps that can happen along the way.

Define your purpose

You then need to define the purpose of the business conference you are organising. Utilising the streaming as a part of your event may not be a necessity in every case but it’s always best to plan it ahead.

Based on the purpose of your conference you can make a decision about what platform for streaming you will be using for your event. Do you want your conference to be highly interactive? How much participation do you expect from your guests? Will you be discussing the issues in your industry/company or do you plan to hold a conference to discuss some new trends in your niche? All of this will help you be better at organising a successful and efficient business conference.

Create a Video Strategy

The next thing you need to do is take care of your video strategy. It is crucial that you know how to create an efficient content and make sure it translates well to your target audience through the live streaming video. A successful business conference is all about an efficient and well-thought-through delivery. Remember that live streaming can help you make a wider content reach so you need to make sure your video strategy is on top of the game.

Define Content Access

How will your target audience access your live stream business conference? Will they be able to share it amongst each other? Will it be required of you to send a link and a password to video access to all of your guests? What platform will you be using? On the other hand, you may also choose your stream to be attached to your website. You can also share it on social media or choose a different streaming platform to use. Whatever you choose, just make sure that everyone from your target audience can have an easy access to your meeting. You need to define all of this as soon as you start planning your business conference.

Know your Focal Point

Your goal is to make this experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. No matter where your audience is attending the conference from, they need to be able to experience the conference without any larger issues. Though online conferences can’t fully match the in-person meetings, you need to determine the focal point of your conference and make feel as closely real to in-person events as possible.

Hire an event management agency

If this is your first time organising a business conference on a larger scale, it’s also advisable to have professionals on your team who will help guide you through the process. There are many successful event management agencies who can help you organise successful live stream conferences and in doing so show you how to become better at conference organisation.

Test and Retest

No matter what kind of setup you use, you need to test it before the actual conference takes place. Make sure to leave enough time for testing technology. If there are any issues you need to have enough time to fix them so that the conference can go as smoothly as possible. It is very important that you thoroughly test and retest everything and that includes the live stream as well.

Plan for Mishaps

Mishaps are unfortunately often a normal part of every event planning process. Don’t be surprised if there are any mishaps during the conference even after you have carefully planned everything and tested your live streaming platform. Even though mishaps happen, it’s important that you know how to handle them and know how to quickly get back on track. So, make sure to anticipate some mishaps and be ready to handle them if they occur.


Lastly, at the very end of the business conference it is extremely important that you evaluate the overall success of your event. Make sure to get feedback from your audience and write down anything that should be improved for you next business conference. This is how you learn to become even better at organising large scale events such as business conferences.


Overall, though business conference organising looks like a very challenging task, there are easy ways for you to make sure your business event goes as smoothly as possible. Live streaming can always help you reach a bigger audience and that’s why it’s important for you to know how to organise a live stream for such a huge event. By planning ahead, defining your purpose, setting up and testing a stream, as well as asking experts for help, you will be able to organise an efficient and successful business conference everyone will be talking about for days after it ends. 


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