How To Use BIGO and Its Features



Social networks allow us to express what we think, what we feel. These are platforms that let us share our daily life.

BIGO Live broadcasts what you’re doing live. You have the possibility to show your talents, to play, or to chat with your friends. Obviously, everything must be done in accordance with the regulations.

How to use BIGO Live, and what makes it different from other apps? Find all the information in this article

Install BIGO Live on Your Phone

The application is available for free on Google Play, and on the Apple Store. Just download it, and proceed with the installation on your smartphone.

Then you have to choose between 3 options to open an account: through Facebook, Google, or using your phone number.

Once you are logged in, you will be asked to provide a password, which should be kept safe.

What to do with BIGO Live?

BIGO Live is mostly used for streaming live video. Normally, if you do, it’s because you have something special to present: a dance, a song, a speech, a guided tour of your house, the making of a cooking recipe, etc.

If your publication interests other users, you gain the maximum number of fans, and you can even receive Beans, virtual gifts, which can be turned into money.

On BIGO Live, you can also watch others, in front of their fans.

More information

This app gives you the opportunity to chat with your friends.

Together you can learn languages, tell each other jokes, or organize contests. The chat room cannot contain more than 9 people .

Watching the games of your choice is possible with BIGO Live.

There are also some games available, which you can participate in, by inviting family or friends. The voice chat is common, using emoji voice, just to pass the time.

Set an Attractive Profile Photo

Choose the best of your photos, with a light background. Do not use other images in place of your photo. It gives a bad impression.

Don’t go overboard with image processing. Your followers will find out, and it won’t be to your advantage. You can still create prettier backgrounds.

Stream Live Video

Just press the LIVE button. So that fans can spot you, give your video a title, clearly indicating the activity carried out.

You have the possibility to promote your content on the networks, by publishing links.

Remember that the broadcast is live. So prepare yourself, before you start. Do a few tests in front of the mirror, to see how your image will come out.

When you’re really ready, choose GO LIVE, and go!

What Is Forbidden On BIGO Live

Contrary to popular belief, there are strict rules about using BIGO Live. It is not allowed to post videos showing violent, pornographic scenes. The taking of drugs and the fact of smoking cannot be diffused.

Advertisements are prohibited, as are images subject to copyright.

Each user must respect the laws of their country. Incitement to hatred, as well as words or images that attack religion, politics, culture, and people are prohibited.

If you see offensive content, you have the right to report it to the administrators, through the help section of the application. Minors should not use BIGO Live, to post videos.


BIGO Live App – How To Use It & Its Features

BIGO Live is an application that allows you to make friends, have fun, share videos with your fans. Rules are for everyone, and for everyone’s benefit. They are used to define the limits, so as not to create confusion.

Use BIGO Live wisely, for your growth, not to destroy your reputation.

Want to explore more apps? For that, do not hesitate to contact BIGO Live Agency.

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