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How To Wear Jeans And Formal Shoes At Your First Date?



Love is a kind of feel where you need to understand each other. That is the way possible with the journey of dating. That date is exceptional for every individual, and all are more concerned about the way they appear to impress their partner on a date. 

So the outfit plays a significant role in creating a new set of miracles on your first date. It is not that you have only to wear the ethics of trends designs that. You can create your own trend in your own way of styling.

 You can even pair up your jeans with your formal shoes to create an everlasting cool look. To find your best, you can refer to the branded shoes for men. Here are the effective ways to pair up your jeans with formal shoes on your first date. 

Make sure you are wearing the perfect size of jeans

There are plenty of jeans as all jeans are casual where there are few dressier types than others. You can better opt for the dressier variety, and the ultra-casual styles like jeans with holes, distressed jeans and jeans with lighter wash will not go well with the dress shoes.

 Instead of that, choose the denim that fits well in the hips and waist and ensure that they are not too draggy or long. It is advisable to have jeans that are more tapered fit at the bottom. Boot cut shoes will not work with formal type shoes.

 Never have a baggy fit elsewhere you can go with a regular or slim-cut or fit. Avoid skinny jeans as they are tighter around the legs so the formal shows will appear more like the clown shoes. 

When the colour is considered, you will never go wrong with the black pair and dark indigo jeans. It may sound odd, but the coloured denim with a perfect length and fit can work well with the black or brown formal shoes. 

Best formal shoes to wear with jeans

It is not merely jean that plays a part in ensuring that your whole ensemble works. Equally, it is crucial to select a pair of formal shoes that leans on the casual side. Oxford shoes are the perfect option of shoes, but they are more on the formal side at the end of the spectrum, and it will entirely not work with the jeans.

 Better footwear for men of this type is the loafer, derby or blucher kind of shoe style. The construction, vamp placement and shape of these shoes can lend a more casual vibe when it is compared to oxfords. Bluchers have open laced construction, which is entirely opposite to the closed lacing in oxfords. 

The vamp will be sewn over the shoe rather than beneath it and makes it look slightly bulkier. Derby shoes are quite similar to bluchers by their open laced style. It uses two elongated quarters sewn together at the heel as the blucher uses different small leather pieces sewn to the vamp. 

Loafers are considered to be ideal summer shoes as they blend in seamlessly with the jeans. The black loafers are still considered to be causal. When you search for other options for shoes, it includes more like desert boots, monk straps, slip-on and chukkas, and all these will work great when it is paired with jeans. Make sure you use the perfect combination of a set of clothing and colours to create an effective look. 

End line

These details would help you to acquire some knowledge about how to wear your jeans with formal shoes. Make sure to perfect the best products of reputed brands to have assured quality outfit on your first date. 

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