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Is it Good to invest in Capital Smart City?



Is it Good to invest in Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart city residential properties are among Pakistan’s most popular and fascinating societies and good to invest in Capital Smart City. It is located in the magnificent city of Islamabad, which serves as the country’s capital. The society is conveniently accessible from all of the twin cities’ significant intersections. Capital Smart City is Pakistan’s debut smart city and Asia’s fourth smart city. CSC has smart features, and we expect it to grow to Grade 8, making it one of the most modern residential properties in the country. CSC will become the finest self-sustaining and eco-sustainable Smart city in the database of residential properties sooner or later.

The following are among a few of the numerous reasons why we believe CSC is an excellent investment:

  • Perfect and ideal location

Near the Thalian junction, the owners constructed Capital Smart City near Islamabad’s new international airport. It is situated at a distance from the hustle and bustle of the central metropolis but is only a few minutes distant from every main boulevard in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Capital Smart City’s location is approachable from both inside and outside the twin cities. This will give investors a tremendous opportunity to increase their money. Whenever the government finishes the Rawalpindi Ring Road, this proposed development will connect to all city’s sights in Islamabad.

  • Easily reachable site

Capital Smart City is primarily accessible via the Main Chakri Road interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) and, in the near future, the Rawalpindi Ring Road. FWO (Frontier Work Organization) also agreed to build a dedicated interchange for the housing scheme, and construction has already begun in the first month of 2020.

  • Environment that is clean and green

The capital smart city is a mesmerizing and sensual dream that has become a reality. It’s the location where you can imagine your picture-perfect family in a relaxing and pleasant environment. You can fantasize about providing your children with a well-built & positive environment, as well as the required and exciting amenities for a happy existence. It’s a stunning combination of beauty and majestic elegance.

  • The project is in the capital city:

Capital Smart City is nestled in Islamabad, the world’s most gorgeous capital city. This is one of the main grounds why civilization is ideal for living. The city is ideal for earning and raising a family because of the beautiful green Margalla hills, pure air, accessibility to every modern requirement, Shopping Malls, and numerous career and business opportunities.

  • Safe and Sound Suburb

Because the developers surrounded the Smart City with other housing societies, society’s surroundings are secure, and everyone feels like family. It is a place that you will not be sorry to call home.

  • Safe and Secure Venture

The security condition is another significant element that we can not negotiate when buying a house for your families. It is always essential that we emphasize and consider an investment site ineffective if it has adequate protection and security mechanisms. Capital Smart City has opted to upgrade the housing society’s security infrastructure with enhanced security and surveillance. They have installed security cameras monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have employed a special society guard squad.

  • A way of life in the community

The capital smart city is surrounded by a protective barrier with an eye-catching entrance. As the society’s gates will contain the latest Surveillance cameras equipped with facial and object recognition, the security team will also have data on everyone who enters or departs the society. This gated society design increases the aesthetics of the housing association while also ensuring 24/7 observation and regulation.

  • Authorities deem it legitimate.

The RDA (Rawalpindi developmental authority) has already accepted the Capital Smart City Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) and planning authorization. As more land and building blocks are added to the housing society, they consider a new NOC (No Objection Certificate). The developers will most likely resolve this issue this year. As a result, the society will be able to expand its borders and absorb an increasing number of people.

  • Developers of Islamabad’s Capital Smart City:

FDH (Future Development Holdings) is working on a smart city project in Islamabad with HRL (Habib Rafiq Private Limited). HRL has completed numerous large projects, including Bahria Town Islamabad, DHA Islamabad, and others.

These developers are well-known in Pakistan for providing the most remarkable structure and development solutions. These companies’ whole projects demonstrate the legitimacy, competency, capacity, and value of the investment prospects available in Capital Smart City. This track record of the Habib Rafiq Group reveals the potential of Capital Smart City Islamabad. As a result, investing in Capital Smart City is seen as the most acceptable option for making money shortly.

  • An Exclusive Master plan

Capital Smart City’s master plan is unusual in that it is designed to foster a spontaneous outlook while also enhancing the society’s natural features. All of the blocks are planned out in such a way, so they all face the street and connect to the main road.

This master plan, for example, contains a variety of options.

  • Residential plots,
  • Commercial plots,
  • Business hubs,
  • Farmhouses,
  • Luxury villas 

Along with a plethora of other investment and living alternatives for potential buyers


To sum up, Capital Smart City Islamabad is among the few Islamabad projects that can transform the city into Islamabad’s top home society. This assertion is founded on several significant facts. Primarily, the location of Capital Smart City Islamabad provides the home society with a competitive advantage over the other twin cities’ home societies.

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